Women in Politics

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30 Apr 2013

Women Still Lag in Virginia Politics

Just 19 out of 100 Virginia House members are women – a far cry from parity in a state where 50.9 percent of the population is female. Underrepresentation is even worse in the 40-member Virginia Senate, where women hold six seats – just 15 percent.

30 Apr 2013

Timeline of Women in Virginia Politics

Here is a timeline tracing women’s involvement in politics in Virginia.

30 Apr 2013

Women Underrepresented in Virginia General Assembly

The number of women in the Virginia General Assembly has risen steadily over the years. Even so, women still are vastly underrepresented among state legislators.

30 Apr 2013

Gender Breakdown of Each State’s Legislature

Of Virginia’s 140 state legislators, 25 — or 17.9 percent — are women. Thirty-seven states have a higher proportion of female lawmakers.

30 Apr 2013

‘City of Monuments’ No Longer a Man’s World

State officials are raising money to build a monument celebrating the achievements of Virginia women on the grounds of the state Capitol.

30 Apr 2013

Men of Granite: Statues at State Capitol

Almost all of the statues at the state Capitol depict men. No wonder there’s a movement to install a monument honoring achievements by Virginia women.