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19 Feb 2013

Activists Say Bills Make It Harder to Vote

As if waiting in hour-long lines at the polls this past November wasn’t bad enough, legislation before the General Assembly may make it even harder for some citizens to vote.

24 Jan 2013

Critics Say Bills Would Suppress Voting Rights

Virginia New Majority, a citizens’ group that supports “the progressive transformation of Virginia,” said Republican legislators are pushing bills that would suppress voting rights.

21 Jan 2013

Voting Reform Bill Killed in Senate

Democratic leaders are speaking out after a Republican-led Senate committee killed a bill that would allow for more convenient voting options, later hours at the polls and easier absentee voting.

14 Feb 2012

VCU Students Rally for Equal Rights

On a windy and dreary Valentine’s Day, about 40 VCU students and other Richmond residents held a rally to protest legislation they said would undermine a litany of rights – from abortion rights and gay rights to voting rights and free speech.