Veronica Garabelli

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18 Jan 2011

CNS Radio, in English y en Español

Capital News Service Radio is back for the Spring 2011 semester. This is a joint venture between the CNS class and VCU’s student radio station, WVCW, championed by Lauren Katchuk and Greg Weatherford.

11 May 2010

Nobody Loses in School Funding Battle

It’s not often in politics that everybody comes out a winner. But once in a while, it happens. Such was the case in the fight over a freeze on Virginia’s Local Composite Index, which determines how much local taxpayers should contribute toward public education and how much should come from the state.

11 May 2010

Doing the Math on Richmond’s School Funding

Since early March, the Richmond School Board, along with Mayor Dwight Jones, has been negotiating a budget for the 2010-2011 school year. That budget proposal must now be presented to the City Council. At the council level, the fiscal plan will be modified to reflect recent actions that the General Assembly has taken on school finance.

26 Feb 2010

Arts Advocates Fight for Funding

The arts are often ignored in politics, but that wasn’t the case when artists from across Virginia converged on the state Capitol. They wore on their shirts a simple tag that said, “Save the Arts.” Hundreds of people turned out to urge legislators to continue funding the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

18 Feb 2010

Bill Aims to Protect Sex Offenders’ Employers

A bill making headway in the General Assembly seeks to protect employers of sex offenders by not listing the name of the offender’s workplace on Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry. Read Veronica Garabelli’s story on WPCVA.COM, the Web site for Womack Publishing Co., which publishes the Altavista Journal, the Star-Tribune, the Times-Virginian and The Union Star.

03 Feb 2010

Legislators Get the Point – an H1N1 Shot

With the swine flu pandemic looming, the Virginia Department of Health is giving state legislators vaccinations to prevent the spread of the virus. Health officials are visiting the Capitol this week to administer free H1N1 vaccinations. Read Nicole Fisher and Samantha Downing’s story on Local Kicks.