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04 Feb 2013

Conservatives Rally Against Tax Hikes

The country’s leading conservative grassroots organization is voicing its opposition to tax and fee increases before the General Assembly, including Gov. Bob McDonnell’s funding plan for transportation.

22 Jan 2013

House OKs Extending Excise Tax on Peanuts

The Virginia House of Delegates has voted to extend the state’s excise tax on peanuts – a move that will help promote the sale and marketing of one of the commonwealth’s top cash crops.

28 Feb 2012

Law to Make Challenging Property Assessments Easier

A bill to help Virginians in appealing property assessments on wetlands is awaiting the governor’s signature. Property owners are already allowed to appeal assessments to their local board of assessors, but House Bill 80 would require that the National Wetlands Inventory Map be considered in the appeal. The Senate last week joined the House in unanimously approving the measure.

20 Feb 2012

Senate Offers Relief on Machinery Tax

The House and Senate seem headed in different directions on whether to give businesses relief from the machinery and tools tax levied by local governments. The Senate has passed a bill to give businesses grants to offset the tax on newly purchased equipment for the first two years. Under the latest version of Senate Bill 549, businesses would pay the tax to their city, county or town but then get reimbursed by a state grant. The bill passed last week, 28-12.

03 Feb 2012

House Votes to Freeze BPOL Tax

The House this week approved a bill that would freeze localities’ Business, Professional and Occupational Licenses tax rates at their 2011 levels. The measure also would prevent localities that don’t currently levy the tax from imposing it.