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13 May 2011

Are Cell Phones Wasted On State Employees?

Virginia’s state government spends more than $6 million a year on the more than 11,000 cellphones it provides to public employees. But a chunk of that money may be wasted: During a recent six-month period, the state spent almost $1 million on 4,500 unused cellphones – phones that recorded zero minutes.

11 May 2011

Audit Says VEC Needs More Staff

The state auditor of public accounts has found that the Virginia Employment Commission has been inadequately equipped to handle the increase in unemployment claims since the recession began.

11 May 2011

Pay Back Money, VEC Tells Workers

Delegate Donald Merricks, R-Danville, triggered an investigation in overpayments of unemployment compensation benefits by the Virginia Employment Commission. He did it after the VEC demanded that some workers pay back thousands of dollars they received.