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20 Feb 2011

Assembly Tightens Sex Offender Laws

Adults convicted of sexually violent offenses would be barred from entering school buses and would have to submit a DNA sample under two bills headed toward approval in the General Assembly.

18 Feb 2010

Bill Aims to Protect Sex Offenders’ Employers

A bill making headway in the General Assembly seeks to protect employers of sex offenders by not listing the name of the offender’s workplace on Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry. Read Veronica Garabelli’s story on WPCVA.COM, the Web site for Womack Publishing Co., which publishes the Altavista Journal, the Star-Tribune, the Times-Virginian and The Union Star.

03 Feb 2010

Legislators Get the Point – an H1N1 Shot

With the swine flu pandemic looming, the Virginia Department of Health is giving state legislators vaccinations to prevent the spread of the virus. Health officials are visiting the Capitol this week to administer free H1N1 vaccinations. Read Nicole Fisher and Samantha Downing’s story on Local Kicks.