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11 Feb 2013

‘Boneta Bill’ Killed in Senate Committee

A Senate committee on Thursday killed the “Boneta bill,” which championed farmers’ rights and would have expanded the definition of agricultural operations.

29 Jan 2013

Panel Amends, OKs ‘Boneta Bill’

Supporters of the so-called Boneta Bill, aimed at protecting the rights of farmers, came to Capitol Square wearing pitchfork buttons with stickers that said, “Stay out of grandma’s kitchen.” They lined the wall of a conference room where the House Agriculture Subcommittee met Monday to decide whether to recommend approval of the measure. Virginians in support of the bill and lobbyists against it came from all over the state to share their perspective. After an hour of debate, the subcommittee voted 6-1 in support of the legislation.

08 Jan 2013

Fauquier Dispute Inspires Farmers’ Rights Bill

Martha Boneta made headlines in August when Fauquier County officials fined her after she held a birthday party on her farm. She is now the face of Delegate Scott Lingamfelter’s House Bill 1430, which seeks to expand the definition of agricultural operations.