Sabrina Barekzai

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13 May 2011

For-Profit Schools Have High Loan Default Rates

Student loan default rates are especially high among people who attend for-profit colleges and universities. Federal officials have criticized some proprietary schools, saying they are more interested in collecting tuition dollars than in teaching students marketable skills.

03 Apr 2011

Emancipation Day at African Burial Ground

The Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality held an Emancipation Day ceremony at the site of the African Burial Ground in Richmond. The group protested the decision to postpone for a week the unveiling of historical markers for the Richmond Slave Trail.

31 Mar 2011

CNN’s Ali Velshi Discusses Financial Crisis

Ali Velshi has a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Though CNN’s chief business correspondent believes he does a good job on his show, he says you wouldn’t know that from the way people talking about him on Twitter. “People call me everything — fat, ugly, stupid, liberal, conservative, everything. You name it, and I’m fascinated by it,” he said.