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22 Apr 2012

New Delegate Seeks Advice from Colleagues

In his first term as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Michael Webert sought advice from more experienced legislators. Webert, who represents the 18th House District in northwest Virginia, called on such mentors as Delegate Edward Scott, a fellow Republican in a neighboring district.

12 Feb 2012

Democrats Accuse GOP of ‘Divisive’ Agenda

Facing a torrent of what they consider “bad bills,” Democrats in the General Assembly acknowledge that they do not have enough votes to stop socially conservative legislation on issues like abortion, gay rights, voter identification requirements and drug testing of welfare recipients. House and Senate Democrats gathered Thursday to criticize the wave of “divisive social-issue legislative overreach” they say Republicans are perpetrating in Richmond.

16 Jan 2011

Lawmakers Target Discrimination Against Gays

At least eight measures in this year’s General Assembly take aim against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

12 Jan 2011

Republicans Outline Agenda for Legislative Session

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and other Republican leaders want the General Assembly to cut government spending and foster economic development during the legislative session that begins Wednesday.