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13 May 2011

Are Cell Phones Wasted On State Employees?

Virginia’s state government spends more than $6 million a year on the more than 11,000 cellphones it provides to public employees. But a chunk of that money may be wasted: During a recent six-month period, the state spent almost $1 million on 4,500 unused cellphones – phones that recorded zero minutes.

07 May 2011

Many Students Unaware of Tax on Cars

Driving can be unpredictable and even nerve-racking. And there could be an added surprise involving your automobile when it’s off the roadways: a property tax on cars. Permanent Richmond residents must pay such a personal property tax. But what many college students from out of town may not know is that they are expected to pay it as well.

22 Apr 2011

The Rowdiest Ram and VCU’s No. 1 Fan

He’s known as “Pav” – short for Pavarotti. He’s a presence at VCU men’s basketball games, home and away. He’s recognizable to fans, players, coaches, media and event staff – well, at least when he has his horns on. Chris Crowley has fulfilled the role as leader of Ram Nation four years after his graduation from the university he loves.

31 Mar 2011

CNN’s Ali Velshi Discusses Financial Crisis

Ali Velshi has a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Though CNN’s chief business correspondent believes he does a good job on his show, he says you wouldn’t know that from the way people talking about him on Twitter. “People call me everything — fat, ugly, stupid, liberal, conservative, everything. You name it, and I’m fascinated by it,” he said.