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08 May 2012

Virginia Ignores Marijuana Reform Proposals

Virginia treats marijuana possession more harshly than many other states, handing down years-long prison sentences to people arrested with small amounts of the substance. Neighboring states have decriminalized marijuana or approved it for medicinal uses, but Virginia legislators this year hardly gave serious consideration to such ideas.

12 May 2010

Movement to Reform Marijuana Laws Grows

To many young people, smoking pot isn’t a big deal – hardly a crime to merit hard time in prison. But law enforcement authorities take marijuana possession seriously: Over the past 20 years, the number of marijuana arrests nationwide has nearly tripled – to more than 870,000 in 2007.

20 Jan 2010

Delegate Calls for ‘Compassionate, Sensible Drug Policy’

Before a packed room in the General Assembly Building, Delegate Harvey Morgan, R-Gloucester, on Wednesday called for laws allowing the medical use of marijuana and reducing the penalties for possession of the drug. Read the full article here or in the Midlothian Exchange, the Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily, The Tidewater News or the Chatham Star-Tribune.