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02 Mar 2010

Law Gives Homeowners Flag Display Rights

A bill prohibiting homeowners’ associations from regulating a properly displayed U.S. flag has passed both the General Assembly. A fight over the issue made national headlines recently when a retired Army colonel challenged his homeowners’ association in Henrico County.

27 Feb 2010

‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ Teachers Cry

Hundreds of teachers, parents and students descended on the state Capitol, waving handmade signs and singing a song by Twisted Sister. They were protesting what they described as devastating cuts to public education by the General Assembly.

16 Feb 2010

Bill to Restrict Coal Mining Is Dead

A bill that supporters said would save the environment but opponents said would cost coal industry jobs is dead for this legislative session. The bill would have stopped coal mining operations that dispose of slurry or other waste materials in any stream.