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09 May 2013

Human Trafficking: Modern-day Slavery

Human trafficking survivors and support groups are speaking out and working with state legislators to combat the problem of human trafficking in Virginia.

09 May 2013

Human Trafficking: By the Numbers

Here are charts and tables about human trafficking in Virginia and the United States.

19 Apr 2013

Storify: Boston Marathon: The Manhunt

Americans woke up this morning to headlines saying one of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects was shot by police and that the other one was still on the run.

24 Feb 2013

Like Kids, Schools Will Get Letter Grades

Students will not be the only ones who may dread showing their grades to parents. Starting in 2014, each Virginia public school will get a letter grade ranging from A to F.

23 Feb 2013

General Assembly OKs Budget Amendments

The Virginia General Assembly approved amendments to the state’s two-year budget Saturday that included education initiatives and Medicaid reforms.

21 Feb 2013

Drivers, Kids Rally for ‘Love the Bus’ Month

School bus drivers and schoolchildren from across Virginia gathered at the state Capitol on Thursday for the second annual “Love the Bus” rally.

20 Feb 2013

Much at Stake in Virginia as Federal Cuts Loom

If Congress fails to meet its March 1 deadline on reducing the budget deficit, federal spending cuts will automatically take effect. That means Virginia could lose more than 207,000 jobs.

12 Feb 2013

Fox-Penning Bill Dies in House Subcommittee

A House subcommittee Tuesday killed a bill that would have made it illegal to hold competitions in which dogs hunt foxes or coyotes in an enclosed area.

11 Feb 2013

‘Boneta Bill’ Killed in Senate Committee

A Senate committee on Thursday killed the “Boneta bill,” which championed farmers’ rights and would have expanded the definition of agricultural operations.

11 Feb 2013

Bill Would Outlaw Fox Penning

It would be illegal to hold competitions in which dogs hunt foxes or coyotes in an enclosed area under a bill that recently won approval from the Senate and has moved to the House for consideration.

30 Jan 2013

Committee Sends ‘Boneta Bill’ to Full House

The grassroots-supported “Boneta Bill,” meant to protect farmers’ rights, won overwhelming approval from a House committee on Wednesday and moves on to its first reading in the full House of Delegates on Thursday.

29 Jan 2013

Panel Amends, OKs ‘Boneta Bill’

Supporters of the so-called Boneta Bill, aimed at protecting the rights of farmers, came to Capitol Square wearing pitchfork buttons with stickers that said, “Stay out of grandma’s kitchen.” They lined the wall of a conference room where the House Agriculture Subcommittee met Monday to decide whether to recommend approval of the measure. Virginians in support of the bill and lobbyists against it came from all over the state to share their perspective. After an hour of debate, the subcommittee voted 6-1 in support of the legislation.

19 Jan 2013

Virginia Mulls In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants

Six bills – two in the Senate and four in the House – seek to change Virginia law so that undocumented immigrants meeting certain criteria would be able to pay in-state college tuition.

08 Jan 2013

Fauquier Dispute Inspires Farmers’ Rights Bill

Martha Boneta made headlines in August when Fauquier County officials fined her after she held a birthday party on her farm. She is now the face of Delegate Scott Lingamfelter’s House Bill 1430, which seeks to expand the definition of agricultural operations.