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17 Apr 2015

Virginia Closes Legal Gap on Human Trafficking

Twenty-five years after the hit movie “Pretty Woman,” Virginia is getting more serious about an issue that the film treats humorously – sex trafficking.

16 Jan 2015

2 Bills Target Human Trafficking at General Assembly

Two bills before the General Assembly would impose harsher penalties on people convicted of human trafficking and fund services to help victims of the crime.

16 Jan 2013

Cuccinelli Backs Human Trafficking Legislation

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli called human trafficking one of the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the country. He said Tuesday that Virginia was feeling the effect.

30 Jan 2012

Officials Fight for Human Trafficking Victims

A bipartisan coalition, including legislators and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, urged the General Assembly on Monday to increase penalties for human trafficking in general and underage sex trafficking in particular.