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02 Feb 2013

Adopt School Safety Ideas, Governor Tells Assembly

Gov. Bob McDonnell is urging state legislators to approve recommendations from his School and Campus Safety Task Force that would increase sentences for illegally buying guns, require mandatory lockdown drills at schools and establish more comprehensive suicide prevention programs.

26 Jan 2013

Sidebar: In Gun Debate, Legislators Target Mental Health

Virginia’s General Assembly is also focused on preventing campus shootings like the one at Virginia Tech, but gun control is only one segment of the issue.

26 Jan 2013

Vice President Biden Discusses Guns at VCU

Vice President Joe Biden held a round-table discussion about gun violence Friday at Virginia Commonwealth University, saying “we cannot remain silent” on the issue.

28 Feb 2012

Governor Signs Law Lifting Limit on Buying Guns

With the stroke of his pen Tuesday, Gov. Bob McDonnell removed the limit on how many handguns Virginians can buy each month. McDonnell, a Republican, signed legislation repealing the 19-year-old law prohibiting the purchase of more than one handgun per month. The repeal takes effect July 1.

09 May 2010

Gun Permits Are (Not So) Public Information

Concealed weapons permits are theoretically open records. But the reality is that it is difficult and frustrating for journalists or members of the public to view these documents. If you’re trying to look up whether a specific person – a threatening neighbor, an abusive ex-spouse or a high-level public official – has a license to carry, all I can tell you is: Good luck.

09 May 2010

Should Concealed Gun Permits Be Public?

The General Assembly recently killed a bill that would have kept the names of concealed weapons permit holders from the public. The House voted 87-10 in favor of the proposal, House Bill 79, sponsored by Delegate Lee Ware, R-Powhatan. However, the bill died in the Senate Courts of Justice. Here are dueling viewpoints on whether concealed gun permits should remain open to the public.

09 May 2010

How To Apply For a Concealed Weapons Permit

To carry a concealed weapon, you must fill out a form called SP-248 – Application for Concealed Handgun Permit. It’s available at circuit courts, sheriff’s offices and police departments throughout Virginia.