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09 May 2011

Fighting Blight in Richmond’s Church Hill

Homeowners, public officials and community groups are fighting blight in Church Hill North — one of Richmond’s historic gems but a neighborhood known for high crime rates and vacant buildings. A new law will give the city another tool to fix decrepit homes that stick out like crooked teeth.

09 May 2011

Daunting DIY Project: Renovating Old Home

Greg Bristow was working as a heating and air conditioning technician in 2008. But when the economy gave way, so did the job market. Since then, he’s been renovating a 121 year old home in Church Hill.

07 Apr 2011

Assembly Continues Funding for PBS

The state Senate has ensured that Virginians will still ask that age-old question: “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?” The Senate on Wednesday night overturned Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal to eliminate state funding for public broadcasting over the next two years.

26 Feb 2011

Support for Planned Parenthood

Supporters of Planned Parenthood gathered on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University to voice opposition to abortion-clinic regulations passed by the General Assembly and recent national attacks on the organization.

18 Jan 2011

CNS Radio, in English y en Español

Capital News Service Radio is back for the Spring 2011 semester. This is a joint venture between the CNS class and VCU’s student radio station, WVCW, championed by Lauren Katchuk and Greg Weatherford.