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14 Feb 2013

Equality Activists Gather for Valentine Ritual

Dozens of supporters of same-sex marriage came together Thursday to rally support in Virginia for marriage equality. Gay couples from across the state traveled to Richmond to apply for marriage licenses at the John Marshall Courts Building in what has become a Valentine’s Day tradition.

01 May 2011

Transsexual’s Smile Hides Pain-Filled Life

Dawn Storrud was born with a male body, but from around age 3, she says, she felt that deep down, she was female. As a result, Storrud said, she faced discrimination, harassment and even violence as a child and later as a transgender woman. Today, she advocates in Virginia for equal rights regardless of sexual orientation.

20 Jan 2011

Gay Rights Group Lobbies For Equality

At least 75 members of Equality Virginia, the state’s foremost gay rights organization, gathered Wednesday at the Library of Virginia for the group’s annual Lobby Day. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and heterosexual men and women from all over Virginia participated.

16 Jan 2011

Lawmakers Target Discrimination Against Gays

At least eight measures in this year’s General Assembly take aim against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

08 Mar 2010

CNS Stories for Week 8 (March 1-7)

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week. Headlines include: “Cuccinelli Says Colleges Can’t Protect Gays” … “‘CHiPs’ Star Helps Fight Child Pornography” … “State Seeks Options for Kids in Foster Care.”

06 Mar 2010

Group Seeks Ban on Bias Against Gays

A bill banning the discrimination of state employees based on sexual orientation was rejected by a House subcommittee last week, leaving one particular advocacy organization outraged. The chief executive officer of Equality Virginia said subcommittee members disregarded public support of Senate Bill 66. He called the decision to reject the bill “outrageous.”