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28 Feb 2011

CNS Stories for Week 7 (Feb. 21-27)

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week. Headlines include: “State Budget Restores $17 Million for VCU” … “Abortion Regulations Could Close Clinics” … “Heart Attack Death Rates Plummet” … “Lawmakers Honor Football Star, Philanthropist.”

22 Feb 2011

Kids Hook Assembly Into Honoring Fish

Michele Ferrel’s fourth-grade class made history Tuesday, turning their class project to make the striped bass the state saltwater fish a reality. The House of Delegates, in an 80-16 vote, passed Senate Bill 940, which designates the striped bass as the state saltwater fish.

13 May 2010

Many Say Schools Underreport Sexual Assaults

Many officials say sexual assaults are grossly underreported on college campuses. There’s a big discrepancy between surveys on the prevalence of rape on campus and the statistics reported by colleges and universities.

12 May 2010

Movement to Reform Marijuana Laws Grows

To many young people, smoking pot isn’t a big deal – hardly a crime to merit hard time in prison. But law enforcement authorities take marijuana possession seriously: Over the past 20 years, the number of marijuana arrests nationwide has nearly tripled – to more than 870,000 in 2007.