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22 Jan 2014

Tighter Regulations Sought on Cash-For-Phone Kiosks

By Mike Denison Capital News Service ANNAPOLIS – The premise seems simple: drop off an unwanted phone at a recycling kiosk, receive instant cash and keep precious metals out of landfills. Consumers and the environment both win. But, according to some politicians, so do phone thieves. This fear has led some Maryland lawmakers to push […]

13 May 2011

Are Cell Phones Wasted On State Employees?

Virginia’s state government spends more than $6 million a year on the more than 11,000 cellphones it provides to public employees. But a chunk of that money may be wasted: During a recent six-month period, the state spent almost $1 million on 4,500 unused cellphones – phones that recorded zero minutes.

09 May 2011

Census Sheds Light on Amelia’s Population

Amelia County’s population grew more than 11 percent, to 12,690 residents, during the past decade, according to the 2010 census. The population of Hispanics tripled, though in absolute numbers, they’re still pretty small (290). Amelia’s black population actually shrank during this period.