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14 May 2013

Some Howling over Dangerous Dogs Registry

There are more than 400 dogs in the Virginia Dangerous Dogs Registry, a list of animals that have attacked someone or hurt or killed another dog or cat.

14 May 2013

Should State Publicize List of Animal Abusers?

Virginia already has a registry for “dangerous dogs” – animals that have attacked other pets or people. So how about having a registry for people who abuse animals? That’s what some animal welfare advocates would like.

14 May 2013

Map: Where the ‘Dangerous Dogs’ Lie

This map and data set show the number of “dangerous dogs” in each county and city of Virginia.

13 May 2013

Slideshow: Pit Bull Owner Disputes Stereotypes

Sarah Burns of Chesterfield County discusses the pit bull that she adopted: “She’s really sweet.”

27 Apr 2013

5 Virginia Teams Soar to Rocketry Finals

Five teams of students from three Northern Virginia schools will compete for more than $60,000 in scholarships and prizes in the finals of the Team America Rocketry Challenge, the world’s largest student rocket competition, on May 11.

25 Apr 2013

Virginia Educators Begin Leadership Training

With a new law mandating that school administrators be evaluated every year, a national organization has started training school leaders in Virginia to improve school climate, teacher effectiveness and student outcomes.

20 Mar 2013

Gov. McDonnell Debates Predecessor – Patrick Henry

Gov. Bob McDonnell faced an unusual opponent Tuesday as he debated the role of government with Virginia’s first governor, Patrick Henry, at the historic St. John’s Church for the first “Governors’ Conversation.”

15 Feb 2013

Lawmakers Fail to Repeal Gay Marriage Ban

By Amber Galaviz Capital News Service RICHMOND – State officials joined gay rights activists at a press conference on Valentine’s Day to express their disappointment in the failure to repeal Virginia’s constitutional ban against same-sex marriage. “I believe that marriage is about loving, committed couples wanting to make lifelong promises to each other – take […]

05 Feb 2013

Senate Passes ‘Education Fairness Act’

A bill making it easier to fire bad teachers, part of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s K-12 education reform agenda, won unanimous approval Monday from the state Senate.

23 Jan 2013

Governor Stirs the Pot at Capitol Square

Brunswick County’s best stew master and crew warmed state officials, including Gov. Bob McDonnell and other visitors, at Capitol Square on Wednesday for the 13th annual Brunswick Stew Day at the General Assembly.