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10 May 2011

Law Boosts Sign Language, Deaf Culture

American Sign Language courses may grow in popularity and attract more students from different majors under a new state law. It requires Virginia’s public colleges and universities to accept ASL, which is used by deaf people, as a foreign language credit.

10 May 2011

A Teacher’s Hands-On Life Helping Others

Paige Berry is Virginia Commonwealth University’s sign language teacher in the Rehabilitation Counseling Department. She has worked for VCU for 29 years and dedicates her life to communicating with people who are deaf or deaf and blind.

14 Apr 2011

Virginia Debates Adoptions by Gay Couples

Religious and social conservatives are squaring off with gay rights advocates over a proposed state-agency rule that would prohibit adoption agencies in Virginia from discriminating against prospective parents on the basis of sexual orientation.

10 Apr 2011

Richmond Unveils Slave Trail Markers

Several hundred people gathered Sunday at the site of what was once a slave jail for the unveiling of 17 historical markers documenting Richmond’s harsh past as a center for the slave trade.

10 Feb 2011

More Stability for Franklin School Board

Members of the Franklin City School Board would serve staggered terms under a House-approved bill aimed at correcting the appointed body’s “out of whack” rotation cycle.

17 Jan 2011

Tea Party Says, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’

More than 100 supporters of the Virginia Tea Party gathered at Capitol Square on Monday to rally for states’ rights and property rights and against illegal immigration and mandatory health care.

12 Jan 2011

Republicans Outline Agenda for Legislative Session

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and other Republican leaders want the General Assembly to cut government spending and foster economic development during the legislative session that begins Wednesday.