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05 Apr 2015

Relatives of 43 Missing Mexican Students Rally in Richmond

Relatives of the 43 missing students rallied in Richmond this weekend, seeking justice for their loved ones and urging the United States to cut off foreign aid to corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials in Mexico.

24 Feb 2015

Assembly OKs a 2-Song Solution

The House of Delegates joined the Senate on Tuesday in approving both “Our Great Virginia” and “Sweet Virginia Breeze” as official state songs. But will Gov. Terry McAuliffe sign the legislation into law?

06 Jan 2015

Ex-Gov. McDonnell Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell was sentenced Tuesday to 24 months in prison after being convicted of 11 felony corruption charges in September.

11 Jan 2014

McAuliffe Inaugurated as Governor

CNS reporter and photojournalist Dana Carlson documented Saturday’s inauguration of Virginia’s new governor, Terry McAuliffe.

09 May 2013

Group Offers Haven to Survivors of Trafficking

In 2010, Josh Bailey and his wife, Andrea, founded the Gray Haven Project. The organization helps human trafficking survivors rebuild their lives.

30 Apr 2013

Women Still Lag in Virginia Politics

Just 19 out of 100 Virginia House members are women – a far cry from parity in a state where 50.9 percent of the population is female. Underrepresentation is even worse in the 40-member Virginia Senate, where women hold six seats – just 15 percent.

30 Apr 2013

Timeline of Women in Virginia Politics

Here is a timeline tracing women’s involvement in politics in Virginia.

30 Apr 2013

Women Underrepresented in Virginia General Assembly

The number of women in the Virginia General Assembly has risen steadily over the years. Even so, women still are vastly underrepresented among state legislators.

30 Apr 2013

Gender Breakdown of Each State’s Legislature

Of Virginia’s 140 state legislators, 25 — or 17.9 percent — are women. Thirty-seven states have a higher proportion of female lawmakers.

30 Apr 2013

‘City of Monuments’ No Longer a Man’s World

State officials are raising money to build a monument celebrating the achievements of Virginia women on the grounds of the state Capitol.

30 Apr 2013

Men of Granite: Statues at State Capitol

Almost all of the statues at the state Capitol depict men. No wonder there’s a movement to install a monument honoring achievements by Virginia women.

19 Apr 2013

Storify: Boston Marathon: The Manhunt

Americans woke up this morning to headlines saying one of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects was shot by police and that the other one was still on the run.

07 Apr 2013

Storify: Virginians react to Star Scientific case

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced Friday that he will be appointing outside counsel to the Star Scientific case.

27 Mar 2013

VaHomeschoolers Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Interested and anxious parents and rambunctious and excited students packed the Cultural Arts Center last weekend to share a common interest: home schooling.

21 Mar 2013

Not on ‘Daily Show’ (That’s the News)

Last year around this time, Virginia was in the spotlight: Newspapers and talk show hosts, like comedian Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show,” ripped state legislators for passing a bundle of laws targeting abortion. But during the legislative session that ended last month, there was hardly a peep about the issue from members of the General Assembly.

18 Mar 2013

Robots Compete to Come in FIRST

High school students from Chesterfield, Henrico and Prince William counties and from the cities of Franklin and Martinsville will advance to the FIRST World Robotics Championship after winning a regional competition this past weekend.

14 Feb 2013

Equality Activists Gather for Valentine Ritual

Dozens of supporters of same-sex marriage came together Thursday to rally support in Virginia for marriage equality. Gay couples from across the state traveled to Richmond to apply for marriage licenses at the John Marshall Courts Building in what has become a Valentine’s Day tradition.

13 Feb 2013

They’ve Got Game at VCU Basketball Classic

State legislators and lobbyists battled it out on the basketball court Tuesday night to benefit Virginia Commonwealth University’s Massey Cancer Center.

23 Jan 2013

Governor Stirs the Pot at Capitol Square

Brunswick County’s best stew master and crew warmed state officials, including Gov. Bob McDonnell and other visitors, at Capitol Square on Wednesday for the 13th annual Brunswick Stew Day at the General Assembly.

21 Jan 2013

A Rally for Those With Mental Disabilities

About 100 people, led by the Coalition for Virginians with Mental Disabilities, rallied at the Bell Tower on Capitol Square on Monday to encourage legislators to improve services for people with mental disabilities.

17 Jan 2013

Review: ‘Ready Virginia’ App Isn’t ‘Ready’

Gov. Bob McDonnell, in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, released an emergency preparedness app for Virginians to use during disasters. The free application for iPhone and Android phones is called Ready Virginia.

14 May 2012

ABC Busts Retailers for Selling to Minors

Like other states, Virginia has strict age limits to buy cigarettes and alcohol. But young people often have little trouble purchasing those products: About one of every eight stores inspected by the state sells tobacco and booze to underage buyers.

08 May 2012

After 225 Years, This Model Still Turns Heads

Virginia officials recently celebrated the 225th anniversary of the arrival of the plaster-of-Paris model that was the basis for building the state Capitol. Thomas Jefferson, who designed the Capitol in the Roman temple style, commissioned Frenchman Jean-Pierre Fouquet to make the model and ship it to the newly independent United States of America. It arrived on Feb. 28, 1787, and is still on display for the public.

05 May 2012

Virginians ‘Fired Up, Ready to Go’ for Obama Campaign

Thousands of Virginians were “fired up” to see Barack and Michelle Obama at the Democratic presidential campaign’s “Ready to Go Rally” on Saturday. Many people who packed Virginia Commonwealth University’s Siegel Center on Saturday were college students and local supporters. Others came from across the state.

02 May 2012

A Faith Community on the Margins of Society

Even for an immigrant community, the Richmond Mixtecs face many significant cultural obstacles. In the mostly Hispanic Sacred Heart congregation, Mixtecs are still a minority of sorts, considering many are fluent in neither English nor Spanish. Like many immigrant communities, religion plays a major role in the lives and culture of the Mixtecs.

02 May 2012

Mixtec Indians Face Language Barrier

In terms of language and culture, the casual observer might not notice much difference between Richmond’s Mixtec community and any other Latin American immigrant group in the city. Neither would the average teacher, school counselor or education specialist. For both the Mixtecs and their allies, however, the distinction is all too evident.

28 Apr 2012

Rally Seeks to Protect Women’s Rights

Virginia politicians and women’s rights advocates gathered in Festival Park on Saturday for a rally called “Unite Against the War on Women.”

22 Apr 2012

EpiPen Law May Save Kids with Allergies

To save children from potentially fatal reactions to food allergies, Virginia last week adopted a law requiring schools to carry epinephrine auto-injectors, such as EpiPens.

18 Apr 2012

A Virginia Tradition: Shad, Beer and Politics

Rainy weather did not stop more than 2,000 people from coming to the 64th annual Shad Planking in Wakefield this afternoon. Former Gov. George Allen was one of many state politicians who attended, seeking an opportunity to network and campaign with people on a personal level.

14 Apr 2012

Richmond Celebrates Emancipation Day

Richmond today celebrated its third annual Civil War and Emancipation Day to commemorate the end of slavery and Richmond’s role in the “War Between the States.” Here is CNS reporter Sherese Gore’s slideshow about the day’s events.

04 Apr 2012

Anti-abortion group draws criticism over display

A national anti-abortion group assembled a graphic display to promote its cause Wednesday in VCU’s Commons Plaza.

13 May 2011

The Struggle to Commemorate Slavery

The Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality want to give the African Burial Ground in Richmond the respect it deserves. First, that means persuading Virginia Commonwealth University to stop using the site as a parking lot.

12 May 2011

Prepare To Be Prepared: Tornado Safety

An unusually active tornado season has wreaked havoc in Virginia and nationwide. On April 16, for example, tornadoes killed three people in Gloucester. Some simple precautions – mainly having a plan – can help keep you safe.

11 May 2011

New Laws Target Access to Abortion

It will be harder to get an abortion in Virginia because of two laws passed by the 2011 General Assembly. One law will prohibit certain private health insurance plans from covering abortions; the other will require clinics that perform abortions to meet hospital standards or shut down.

11 May 2011

She Is ‘Silent No More’; He Sees a TRAP

Anti-abortion activists are cheering and abortion rights activists are steaming over new laws that would regulate abortions in Virginia. A coordinator of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign says the laws will protect women’s health. But an official with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia says the laws are politically motivated and will restrict abortion access and decrease safety.

10 May 2011

Law Boosts Sign Language, Deaf Culture

American Sign Language courses may grow in popularity and attract more students from different majors under a new state law. It requires Virginia’s public colleges and universities to accept ASL, which is used by deaf people, as a foreign language credit.

10 May 2011

A Teacher’s Hands-On Life Helping Others

Paige Berry is Virginia Commonwealth University’s sign language teacher in the Rehabilitation Counseling Department. She has worked for VCU for 29 years and dedicates her life to communicating with people who are deaf or deaf and blind.

09 May 2011

Fighting Blight in Richmond’s Church Hill

Homeowners, public officials and community groups are fighting blight in Church Hill North — one of Richmond’s historic gems but a neighborhood known for high crime rates and vacant buildings. A new law will give the city another tool to fix decrepit homes that stick out like crooked teeth.

09 May 2011

Daunting DIY Project: Renovating Old Home

Greg Bristow was working as a heating and air conditioning technician in 2008. But when the economy gave way, so did the job market. Since then, he’s been renovating a 121 year old home in Church Hill.

07 May 2011

Students Capitalize on Legislative Experience

Nantasha Williams spent the legislative session get lawmakers’ signatures on bills, helping constituents and researching information on complex issues. But Williams isn’t a legislator. She is a college student taking part in the Virginia Capital Semester program.

22 Apr 2011

VCU Gives Earth Day the Green Light

Students, faculty and staff crowded the Student Commons Plaza on Friday to celebrate Earth Day. This year marked VCU’s fourth celebration of the international event

10 Apr 2011

Richmond Unveils Slave Trail Markers

Several hundred people gathered Sunday at the site of what was once a slave jail for the unveiling of 17 historical markers documenting Richmond’s harsh past as a center for the slave trade.

03 Apr 2011

Emancipation Day at African Burial Ground

The Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality held an Emancipation Day ceremony at the site of the African Burial Ground in Richmond. The group protested the decision to postpone for a week the unveiling of historical markers for the Richmond Slave Trail.

31 Mar 2011

CNN’s Ali Velshi Discusses Financial Crisis

Ali Velshi has a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Though CNN’s chief business correspondent believes he does a good job on his show, he says you wouldn’t know that from the way people talking about him on Twitter. “People call me everything — fat, ugly, stupid, liberal, conservative, everything. You name it, and I’m fascinated by it,” he said.

30 Mar 2011

Ram Fans Rally During Send-Off

Despite the rain and cold, Virginia Commonwealth University students rallied today to send their men’s basketball team off to Houston for the Final Four game on Saturday. Read Alyx Duckett’s story and listen to Matt Birch’s audio coverage.

27 Mar 2011

New License Plates Promote Parks, God

Want to show your support for the James River Park System? Or tell other people “Don’t Tread on Me”? You’ll soon be able to do that on your license plate.

14 Mar 2011

Governor Wants Tourists to ‘Love’ Virginia

Gov. Bob McDonnell has announced the revival of the Virginia is for Lovers television crusade, which has been dormant for almost five years. The slogan, which originated 42 years ago, has been one of the nation’s most successful tourism campaigns.

13 Mar 2011

Activists Protest Monroe Park Renovation

A group of activists have set up camp in the southwest corner of Monroe Park – complete with sleeping bags, tents and even a couch – to protest the proposed renovation of the park.

01 Mar 2011

With Camel, VCU Celebrates Qatar Day

Hundreds of VCU students, faculty and staff members on Tuesday celebrated VCU Qatar Day, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Middle East — and even a camel — on the Student Commons Plaza.

18 Jan 2011

CNS Radio, in English y en Español

Capital News Service Radio is back for the Spring 2011 semester. This is a joint venture between the CNS class and VCU’s student radio station, WVCW, championed by Lauren Katchuk and Greg Weatherford.