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19 Apr 2015

Richmond city officials want state to stop meddling

State law may trump local ordinances, but that does not mean Richmond City Council is going to lie down when Virginia legislators try to unilaterally impose policies on the city.

16 Apr 2015

‘It’s All About Energy,’ Governor Tells Symposium

Gov. Terry McAuliffe launched the 2015 Energy & Sustainability Conference Tuesday with a briefing on Virginia’s energy plan.

13 Apr 2015

Batting Averages Vary Among Virginia Legislators

As baseball season gets underway, here’s a question worth pondering: Who were the heavy hitters in the 2015 General Assembly?

28 Feb 2015

General Assembly Finalizes Ethics Bill

The results are in. All of the General Assembly’s work on ethics reform in the 2015 session came to an end Friday with the passage of a 98-page bill that lawmakers hailed as a significant accomplish, but some critics said it still needs work.

13 Feb 2015

Bill Seeks to Tamp Down Cigarette Trafficking

Sen. Bryce E. Reeves, R-Spotsylvania, urged the General Assembly on Friday to pass a bill that would crack down on cigarette trafficking and, by extension, the funding of terrorist groups.

10 Feb 2015

House Passes Ethics Bill

The House of Delegates on Tuesday passed a bill that would limit gifts accepted by Virginia politicians to $100.

09 Feb 2015

House Considers Expanding Halifax Board Of Supervisors

The House of Delegates is considering a bill to add a ninth member to the Halifax County Board of Supervisors so that votes don’t deadlock in a tie.

07 Feb 2015

Committee Sends Ethics Bill to Senate

The Senate Rules Committee is advancing legislation that tightens the code of ethics for politicians by prohibiting them from receiving gifts worth more than $100.

01 Feb 2015

Panel Shelves Bill to Change Rezoning Process

The Virginia Association of Counties received its wish when a bill to change local governments’ rezoning process was killed in a House subcommittee this past week.

19 Jan 2015

Bill would require AG to defend Va. Constitution

by Ashley Jordan, Capital News Service A Republican legislator from Williamsburg is pushing for a law to require the state attorney general to defend the Virginia Constitution – which the current officeholder, Democrat Mark Herring, declined to do regarding the commonwealth’s ban on same-sex marriage. House Bill 1573, which was proposed last week by Del. […]

11 Jan 2015

Ethics Reform

With a former governor heading to prison for corruption and his successor calling for a cap on gifts to politicians, ethics reform is high on the agenda for the Virginia General Assembly’s 2015 session.

07 Feb 2014

Bill Seeks Anti-violence Funds Consolidation

By Dana Carlson Capital News Service RICHMOND —  The 53 sexual and domestic-violence organizations in Virginia could serve victims better if a House of Delegates Appropriations committee acts on a bill to streamline the funding these organizations rely on. House Bill 1, the first piece of legislation filed in the 2014 General Assembly session, would […]

06 Feb 2014

Democrats Take Control of Virginia Senate

By Eric Luther and Jackson McMillan Capital News Service RICHMOND – Democrats regained control of Virginia’s Senate this past week after Lynwood Lewis, D- Norfolk, assumed the District 6 seat vacated by Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam after an 11-vote victory against his Republican opponent. Lewis’s installation split the state Senate 20-20, with Northam casting […]

31 Jan 2014

Cox aide is valued partner in district representation

By Liz Butterfield Capital News Service RICHMOND — The aide walked into the giant sixth floor office of House Majority Leader Kirk Cox, R-Colonial Heights, and presented papers to his boss. The two traded a few words, nodded and a decision was made. Legislative aide and chief of staff William J. Flanagan has spent the […]

31 Jan 2014

Grant Would Fund Active-Shooter Training

By James Galloway Capital News Service RICHMOND – A bill is advancing through the House that would grant “active shooter” training funds to smaller police forces, which currently have no budget to accommodate the over-time pay to prepare for mass shootings. Delegate Mike Webert, R-Marshall, said the Fauquier County Sheriff Department recently integrated an active […]

24 Jan 2014

Bill Aims to Prorate Waste Disposal Fees

By Jackson McMillan Capital News Service RICHMOND – A bill allowing Southampton County residents to pay monthly waste disposal fees as part of their electric bills is awaiting a hearing in the Counties, Cities and Towns Committee of the House of Delegates. House Bill 62, introduced by Delegate Roslyn Tyler, D-Jarratt, would allow Southampton County […]

05 Dec 2013

Governor-Elect Promises Ethics Reform, Transparency

RICHMOND – Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe said Wednesday that he would push for greater transparency and ethics reforms in state government. McAuliffe spoke to a roomful of journalists after a panel discussion on political journalism ethics and political finance and gift-disclosure organized by the Associated Press. The Northern Virginia businessman said he “would be inclined” to […]

15 May 2013

For Virginia Inmates, Little Hope of Parole

The Virginia Parole Board last year granted parole in less than 4 percent of the cases it considered. Even old men – prisoners in their 70s and 80s who have served decades behind bars – were routinely denied parole.

15 May 2013

Slim Hopes of Parole in Virginia

For the past two years, the Virginia Parole Board has granted less than 4 percent of the cases it has heard.

14 May 2013

Some Howling over Dangerous Dogs Registry

There are more than 400 dogs in the Virginia Dangerous Dogs Registry, a list of animals that have attacked someone or hurt or killed another dog or cat.

09 May 2013

Human Trafficking: Modern-day Slavery

Human trafficking survivors and support groups are speaking out and working with state legislators to combat the problem of human trafficking in Virginia.

03 May 2013

Virginia Lottery Hits Its Own Jackpot

Lottery winners aren’t the only ones with any luck: The Virginia Lottery saw record ticket sales in the past year, as the economy continued its recovery and several big-name retailers began selling tickets.

03 May 2013

Lottery Sales Keep Rising in Virginia

Sales of Virginia Lottery tickets have risen steadily — and last year, they jumped by 9 percent.

03 May 2013

Lottery Has Produced Billions for Schools

Since 1999, the Virginia Lottery has generated more than $5 billion for public education.

03 May 2013

Top 25 Virginia Lottery Retailers

Here is a map of the 25 outlets that sold the most Virginia Lottery tickets in fiscal year 2012.

25 Apr 2013

Law Against Texting Will Save Lives, Group Says

A new state law to stiffen penalties for Virginians caught texting while driving will save countless lives, the head of a nonprofit driving safety organization says.

19 Apr 2013

Democrats Slam Republicans Over Corporate Ties

The spotlight continues to stay on Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli over their dealings with Star Scientific Inc., which has been accused of trying to curry favor with state officials.

16 Apr 2013

Youth Commission Targets ‘Family Fragmentation’

The Virginia Commission on Youth gathered at the Capitol this month to discuss how to prevent the “fragmentation of families” by encouraging parents to stay together in raising their children in Richmond and across the commonwealth.

07 Apr 2013

Storify: Virginians react to Star Scientific case

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced Friday that he will be appointing outside counsel to the Star Scientific case.

12 Mar 2013

Nuclear Authority Generates Controversy

Virginia is creating a new agency to support development of nuclear power – a move that has upset environmentalists and open-government advocates, because the entity won’t have to comply with the state’s Freedom of Information Act and other laws.

23 Feb 2013

General Assembly OKs Budget Amendments

The Virginia General Assembly approved amendments to the state’s two-year budget Saturday that included education initiatives and Medicaid reforms.

22 Feb 2013

Last of 6 Public Notice Bills Fails in Senate

A Senate committee voted 10-3 to kill the last bill this legislative session to let public bodies post their official notices on a government website instead of publishing them in a local newspaper

20 Feb 2013

Much at Stake in Virginia as Federal Cuts Loom

If Congress fails to meet its March 1 deadline on reducing the budget deficit, federal spending cuts will automatically take effect. That means Virginia could lose more than 207,000 jobs.

13 Feb 2013

Panel Rejects Consecutive Terms for Governor

A House subcommittee has rejected the Senate’s proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Virginia governors to serve two consecutive terms starting in 2017.

06 Feb 2013

Lecture Points to Flaws in Justice System

Because of false information, Marvin Anderson spent 15 years in prison for a rape and other crimes that he did not commit. He recounted his ordeal Tuesday at a Black History Month lecture at VCU.

05 Feb 2013

Bill Would Crack Down on Unethical Bar Owners

The Senate is poised to pass a bill to revoke the liquor licenses of bars and restaurants that file false tax returns or other financial information with government regulators.

26 Jan 2013

Vice President Biden Discusses Guns at VCU

Vice President Joe Biden held a round-table discussion about gun violence Friday at Virginia Commonwealth University, saying “we cannot remain silent” on the issue.

25 Jan 2013

Democrats Blast Senate Committee Appointments

In January, Norfolk Democrat Kenny Alexander replaced the late Yvonne Miller in the Virginia Senate. On Thursday, Alexander finally got his committee assignments: He received seats on three of the four committees on which Miller served. But Miller’s most important assignment – a seat on the Senate Finance Committee – was given to a Republican, in what Democrats called partisan politics.

24 Jan 2013

Critics Say Bills Would Suppress Voting Rights

Virginia New Majority, a citizens’ group that supports “the progressive transformation of Virginia,” said Republican legislators are pushing bills that would suppress voting rights.

22 Jan 2013

Students Attend Obama’s Inauguration

Students from Virginia Commonwealth University and colleges and high schools throughout the country were among the hundreds of thousands of spectators who heard President Barack Obama deliver his second inaugural address.

22 Jan 2013

Area Lawmakers Divided by Redistricting Controversy

Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, and Sen. Emmett Hanger Jr., R-Mount Solon, are friends. And they’ll remain friends, Deeds says, even if a controversial measure Hanger voted for costs Deeds his seat in the Virginia Senate.

21 Jan 2013

Voting Reform Bill Killed in Senate

Democratic leaders are speaking out after a Republican-led Senate committee killed a bill that would allow for more convenient voting options, later hours at the polls and easier absentee voting.

09 Jan 2013

Virginia Legislators Brought Together by Power of Prayer

Virginia’s legislators may not always agree on political issues, but they certainly agree on one thing: the power of prayer.

07 Sep 2012

Activists use humor to score attorney general

A group of activists has founded Cooch Watch to monitor and poke fun at Ken Cuccinelli, the state’s conservative attorney general and tea party darling.

08 May 2012

After 225 Years, This Model Still Turns Heads

Virginia officials recently celebrated the 225th anniversary of the arrival of the plaster-of-Paris model that was the basis for building the state Capitol. Thomas Jefferson, who designed the Capitol in the Roman temple style, commissioned Frenchman Jean-Pierre Fouquet to make the model and ship it to the newly independent United States of America. It arrived on Feb. 28, 1787, and is still on display for the public.

29 Apr 2012

Legislative Internship Program Is a Capital Idea

At this year’s legislative session, 29 college students from across the state took part in Virginia Capital Semester, an internship program run by Virginia Commonwealth University’s L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs. The students interned with members of the General Assembly, watching and even shaping how laws are made.

22 Apr 2012

EpiPen Law May Save Kids with Allergies

To save children from potentially fatal reactions to food allergies, Virginia last week adopted a law requiring schools to carry epinephrine auto-injectors, such as EpiPens.

22 Apr 2012

Because of Dillon, State Rules over Localities

During their recent session, Virginia legislators spent a surprising amount of time dealing with mundane matters – like telling slackers in four localities to mow their lawns. In Virginia, it takes a state law for local governments to order residents to cut their grass or remove trash from their property. That’s because Virginia follows a legal doctrine called the Dillon Rule.

10 Apr 2012

Beekeepers Buzzing About New Grant Program

Beekeepers across Virginia soon will be able to get government money for creating new beehives – a move legislators hope will resurrect the state’s dying bee population. During this year’s regular session, the General Assembly passed legislation to establish a $175,000 fund and award beekeepers as much as $200 for every new beehive, up to $2,400. Gov. Bob McDonnell recently signed the two bills, SB 354 and HB 300, into law.

22 Mar 2012

A Good Session for Open Government Advocates

It was a pretty good session for advocates of open government, according to a meeting this week of the Virginia Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.