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16 Apr 2015

‘It’s All About Energy,’ Governor Tells Symposium

Gov. Terry McAuliffe launched the 2015 Energy & Sustainability Conference Tuesday with a briefing on Virginia’s energy plan.

15 Apr 2015

Pipeline Protesters Disrupt Governor’s Talk

A trio of environmental activists who oppose the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline in western Virginia confronted Gov. Terry McAuliffe during his appearance Wednesday at a public forum on climate change.

13 Apr 2015

Balloons’ Dangers to Wildlife Not Inflated

Whether for a birthday party for rambunctious children or a solemn ceremony to remember someone who has died, balloons often play a part in special occasions. However, hours after that heart-shaped Valentine’s Day balloon is released in the air, it could end up at the beach, in the ocean and potentially in the throat of a marine animal.

13 Apr 2015

Assembly Extends Coal Tax Credit

To the delight of lawmakers from Southwest Virginia, the General Assembly has passed legislation to extend a tax credit that encourages electric companies to use coal mined in the state.

13 Feb 2015

Dominion Bill Wins Final Passage

The House gave final approval Thursday to a bill that freezes Dominion Virginia Power’s base rate for five years but prevents the state from forcing the company to reimburse customers if the utility earns excessive profits.

31 Jan 2015

Protect Us Against Floods, Coastal Officials Say

Local, state and military officials from Tidewater want Virginia to participate in a market-based initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – which they said would general $200 million to combat coastal flooding.

27 Jan 2014

Climate Change Activists March On Virginia Capitol

By Jackson McMillan Capital News Service RICHMOND – More than 70 activists descended on the Virginia Capitol this past week, calling on Gov. Terry McAuliffe to take a more aggressive stance against climate change. The event was organized in conjunction with Virginia Conservation Network Lobby Day by Appalachian Voice Environment Virginia, the Sierra Club-Virginia Chapter […]

22 Jan 2014

Tighter Regulations Sought on Cash-For-Phone Kiosks

By Mike Denison Capital News Service ANNAPOLIS – The premise seems simple: drop off an unwanted phone at a recycling kiosk, receive instant cash and keep precious metals out of landfills. Consumers and the environment both win. But, according to some politicians, so do phone thieves. This fear has led some Maryland lawmakers to push […]

12 Mar 2013

Nuclear Authority Generates Controversy

Virginia is creating a new agency to support development of nuclear power – a move that has upset environmentalists and open-government advocates, because the entity won’t have to comply with the state’s Freedom of Information Act and other laws.

20 Feb 2013

Governor Signs Bill to Extend Peanut Tax

Gov. Bob McDonnell on Wednesday approved a bill to extend the 30-cents-per-100-pound excise tax on peanuts until July 1, 2016.

17 Feb 2013

Ad Asks McDonnell Not to Allow Uranium Mining

A radio advertisement sponsored by organizations opposed to uranium mining in Virginia cautions Gov. Bob McDonnell against using his power to put in place failed legislation by issuing regulations.

12 Feb 2013

Fox-Penning Bill Dies in House Subcommittee

A House subcommittee Tuesday killed a bill that would have made it illegal to hold competitions in which dogs hunt foxes or coyotes in an enclosed area.

11 Feb 2013

‘Boneta Bill’ Killed in Senate Committee

A Senate committee on Thursday killed the “Boneta bill,” which championed farmers’ rights and would have expanded the definition of agricultural operations.

11 Feb 2013

Bill Would Outlaw Fox Penning

It would be illegal to hold competitions in which dogs hunt foxes or coyotes in an enclosed area under a bill that recently won approval from the Senate and has moved to the House for consideration.

01 Feb 2013

Crab Survey Shows Good, Bad Trends

There’s bittersweet news for the Chesapeake Bay blue crab. The general crab and young blue crab populations are very healthy, the head of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission said. But the population of adult female blue crabs – which the crabbing industry relies upon for the next generation of stock – is low.

29 Jan 2013

Bicyclists Push for Share-the-Road Laws

Brantley Tyndall, a Richmond bicyclist since 2007, used his only form of transportation to show up in support of Bicycle Action Day at the Capitol. This session, Virginia legislators have introduced bills that would make biking safer for both cyclists and drivers across the Commonwealth.

22 Jan 2013

House OKs Extending Excise Tax on Peanuts

The Virginia House of Delegates has voted to extend the state’s excise tax on peanuts – a move that will help promote the sale and marketing of one of the commonwealth’s top cash crops.

19 Jan 2013

Tech Professor Named Outstanding Scientist

Virginia Tech professor Patricia Dove was honored Thursday as a one of Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists of 2013.

17 Jan 2013

Sidebar: Don’t Lift Ban, George Mason Student Says

As a freshman at George Mason University in Fairfax, Samantha Parsons became involved in the campus’ Environmental Action Group because she’s always cared about the environment.

17 Jan 2013

Is Uranium Mine Scaring People from Southside?

Delegate Don Merricks, a Republican from Pittsylvania County, said real estate agents are having trouble selling homes in Southside Virginia because prospective buyers are worried about legislative proposals to allow uranium mining there.

12 Jan 2013

Keep Uranium Mining Ban, Sen. Ruff Says

Sen. Frank Ruff, R-Clarksville, says Virginia should keep its moratorium on uranium mining – despite a flurry of activity in recent days to lift the ban.

28 Mar 2012

Virginia OKs Offshore Wind Energy Turbine

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s goal to install America’s first offshore wind energy turbine got a jolt of momentum this week from the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. The commission voted unanimously Tuesday to approve construction of a 479-foot-tall, five-megawatt wind turbine generator in the lower Chesapeake Bay, three miles off the Eastern Shore town of Cape Charles.

19 Jan 2012

Governor Wants to Keep Ban on Uranium Mining

Gov. Bob McDonnell is asking the 2012 General Assembly to delay any action on lifting Virginia’s 30-year moratorium on mining uranium. He said legislators should keep the ban in place while a newly created group of officials from various state agencies studies the proposal to allow a company to mine and mill uranium in Southside Virginia.

12 Jan 2012

Sen. Hanger Sees Uranium, Hunting as Hot Topics

Sen. Emmett Hanger, R-Mount Solon, the new chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee, predicts that uranium mining and hunting laws will be among the more controversial topics during this year’s General Assembly session.

12 May 2011

Help Storm Victims, Governor Urges

Gov. Bob McDonnell is encouraging citizens to provide aid for victims of the April tornadoes, after the Federal Emergency Management Agency denied Virginia’s request for disaster assistance.

22 Apr 2011

VCU Gives Earth Day the Green Light

Students, faculty and staff crowded the Student Commons Plaza on Friday to celebrate Earth Day. This year marked VCU’s fourth celebration of the international event

07 Apr 2011

Assembly Continues Funding for PBS

The state Senate has ensured that Virginians will still ask that age-old question: “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?” The Senate on Wednesday night overturned Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal to eliminate state funding for public broadcasting over the next two years.

22 Feb 2011

Kids Hook Assembly Into Honoring Fish

Michele Ferrel’s fourth-grade class made history Tuesday, turning their class project to make the striped bass the state saltwater fish a reality. The House of Delegates, in an 80-16 vote, passed Senate Bill 940, which designates the striped bass as the state saltwater fish.

13 Feb 2011

House Passes Coal Mine Safety Act

A Senate bill that would bring the state’s Coal Mine Safety Act up to current federal law and industry standards has been passed by the House.

05 Feb 2011

Senate OKs Storage Tank Safety Bill

The Senate has unanimously passed a bill setting stricter environmental requirements for above-ground fuel storage tanks at the Fairfax city “tank farm.”

07 May 2010

Small Fish Attracts Big Environmental Debate

Big trouble could be on the horizon for a tiny fish, the Atlantic menhaden. Some worry that menhaden, which play an important role in the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay, are being overfished – mostly by a company in Virginia. That’s triggered a debate in environmental circles, the fishing community and the General Assembly over how to manage the menhaden population.

22 Feb 2010

Cuccinelli Doubts Findings on Global Warming

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli has filed a petition against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, challenging its findings on the effects of global warming on humans. He called the EPA’s findings “political science, not real science.” Read Rich Griset’s story on WTOP.com.

16 Feb 2010

Bill to Restrict Coal Mining Is Dead

A bill that supporters said would save the environment but opponents said would cost coal industry jobs is dead for this legislative session. The bill would have stopped coal mining operations that dispose of slurry or other waste materials in any stream.