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27 Mar 2015

Gov. McAuliffe Signs 733 Bills, Vetoes 17

With two days left to act on legislation passed by this year’s General Assembly, Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Friday that he has signed 733 bills, vetoed 17 and amended 50 others, including tightening ethics reforms.

24 Feb 2015

Rep. Scott: Let Independent Panel Draw Districts

U.S. Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, a Democrat representing Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District, says the General Assembly should take some of the politics out of redistricting by having an independent commission redraw political boundaries.

30 Apr 2013

Women Still Lag in Virginia Politics

Just 19 out of 100 Virginia House members are women – a far cry from parity in a state where 50.9 percent of the population is female. Underrepresentation is even worse in the 40-member Virginia Senate, where women hold six seats – just 15 percent.

30 Apr 2013

Timeline of Women in Virginia Politics

Here is a timeline tracing women’s involvement in politics in Virginia.

30 Apr 2013

Women Underrepresented in Virginia General Assembly

The number of women in the Virginia General Assembly has risen steadily over the years. Even so, women still are vastly underrepresented among state legislators.

30 Apr 2013

Gender Breakdown of Each State’s Legislature

Of Virginia’s 140 state legislators, 25 — or 17.9 percent — are women. Thirty-seven states have a higher proportion of female lawmakers.

07 Apr 2013

Storify: Virginians react to Star Scientific case

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced Friday that he will be appointing outside counsel to the Star Scientific case.

21 Feb 2013

Storify: Tracing Cuccinelli’s ‘Line of Defense’

CNS reporter Katherine Johnson curated the social media stream to produce this report about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s new book, “The Last Line of Defense.”

19 Feb 2013

Activists Say Bills Make It Harder to Vote

As if waiting in hour-long lines at the polls this past November wasn’t bad enough, legislation before the General Assembly may make it even harder for some citizens to vote.

13 Feb 2013

Senate Panel OKs More Stringent Voter ID

The Senate Privileges and Elections Committee has approved a bill that supporters say would thwart voter fraud but opponents say would make it harder to vote.

13 Feb 2013

Panel Rejects Consecutive Terms for Governor

A House subcommittee has rejected the Senate’s proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Virginia governors to serve two consecutive terms starting in 2017.

09 Feb 2013

Democrats Accuse GOP of Restricting Voting Rights

Democratic lawmakers blasted Republicans’ recent actions to redraw Senate districts and require voters to show more identification during a roundtable meeting with the League of Women Voters of Virginia this past week.

09 Feb 2013

Democrats Accuse GOP of Restricting Voting Rights

Democratic lawmakers blasted Republicans’ recent actions to redraw Senate districts and require voters to show more identification during a roundtable meeting with the League of Women Voters of Virginia this past week

01 Feb 2013

Senate OK’s Letting Governor Serve 2 Terms

Starting in 2017, Virginia voters could have the opportunity to re-elect the governor to a second consecutive term if the House joins the Senate in seeking to amend the state’s Constitution.

24 Jan 2013

Critics Say Bills Would Suppress Voting Rights

Virginia New Majority, a citizens’ group that supports “the progressive transformation of Virginia,” said Republican legislators are pushing bills that would suppress voting rights.

22 Jan 2013

Area Lawmakers Divided by Redistricting Controversy

Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, and Sen. Emmett Hanger Jr., R-Mount Solon, are friends. And they’ll remain friends, Deeds says, even if a controversial measure Hanger voted for costs Deeds his seat in the Virginia Senate.

21 Jan 2013

Voting Reform Bill Killed in Senate

Democratic leaders are speaking out after a Republican-led Senate committee killed a bill that would allow for more convenient voting options, later hours at the polls and easier absentee voting.

17 Jan 2013

Gubernatorial Candidates Even in Fundraising

Less than $150,000 separates Virginia’s two candidates for governor, according to campaign finance reports filed by Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli and his Democratic challenger, Terry McAuliffe.

18 May 2012

Students Pass on Local Elections

It’s rare for students to vote in large numbers in state and local elections. Some student leaders say the reason isn’t just apathy: They say VCU students are discouraged from voting because they are divided among various election districts – and can’t flex their political muscles by voting as a bloc.

18 May 2012

W&M Student Elected to City Council

If VCU students want a direct voice on the Richmond City Council, they might look east for inspiration – to Williamsburg. In 2010, students from the College of William and Mary elected one of their own to the Williamsburg City Council.

17 May 2012

Rep. Cantor Amasses Cash for Re-election Bid

Forget David and Goliath. In the money race in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, it’s Wayne and Eric. Democrat Wayne Powell is challenging incumbent Rep. Eric Cantor, the Republican majority leader in the U.S. House. From a campaign-finance standpoint, it’s not much of a contest: Cantor has 58 times more money on hand than Powell does.

17 May 2012

Search the Candidates’ Donations

Here are search tools for looking up individual contributions to U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor and his Democratic challenger, Wayne Powell, during the 2011-12 election cycle.

16 Apr 2012

Senator Advocates Easier Absentee Ballot Process

A state legislator wants to make it easier for Virginians who can’t go to the polls on Election Day to obtain an absentee ballot. Sen. John C. Miller, D-Newport News, has proposed that voters be able to request and receive an absentee ballot by email. They still would have to return the completed absentee ballot by regular mail or by hand.

11 Apr 2012

Governor Amends, Vetoes Numerous Bills

Gov. Bob McDonnell on Tuesday recommended changing some of the requirements in legislation requiring voters to show identification on Election Day. His suggestions would make it slightly easier for people who don’t have proper IDs to have their ballots counted. McDonnell announced that he was recommending changes to 130 laws approved by the General Assembly and that he was vetoing seven bills.

19 Mar 2012

Democratic Lawyer Challenges U.S. Rep. Cantor

For Wayne Powell, Virginia’s 7th Congressional District “isn’t personal, it’s Cantor.” Powell, 62, is challenging Republican incumbent Eric Cantor of Henrico County for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Powell is one of the three candidates running for the spot on the Democratic ballot this fall.

01 Feb 2012

Hundreds Protest Stricter Voter ID Laws

Several hundred citizens joined Democratic officials and civil rights leaders at the Capitol on Tuesday to rally against bills they say would suppress the voting rights of minorities, elderly people and low-income Virginians.

31 Jan 2012

A Scorecard on the Voter ID Bills

At least a half-dozen bills before the General Assembly are causing alarm among voting rights activists. They see the proposals as part of a broader trend in state legislatures across country. Last year, lawmakers in states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Tennessee passed laws requiring voters to show more identification before voting.

27 Jan 2012

Town Elections Might Move to November

Residents of the Tazewell County towns of Bluefield and Pocahontas would elect their town councils in November instead of May under legislation unanimously approved by the state Senate.