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05 Apr 2015

Relatives of 43 Missing Mexican Students Rally in Richmond

Relatives of the 43 missing students rallied in Richmond this weekend, seeking justice for their loved ones and urging the United States to cut off foreign aid to corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials in Mexico.

24 Mar 2015

2015 Legislative Session a Mixed Bag for Immigrants

About 20 state legislators and representatives of advocacy groups have formed the New Americans Caucus to address the needs of undocumented residents and other immigrants.

19 Mar 2015

VCU Protesters Show Support for Beaten U.Va. Studen

Virginia Commonwealth University students marched and staged a die-in Wednesday in solidarity with Martese Johnson, a black University of Virginia student who was injured when Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents arrested him outside a pub in Charlottesville.

26 Feb 2015

Seeking the Right to Breast-Feed in Public in Virginia

The two mothers were working in parallel paths, attempting to update the law on breast­feeding in Virginia. It is one of three states – along with South Dakota and Idaho – where women lack the right to breast­feed in public.

16 Feb 2015

Virginia Still Deciding If Women Are Equal

In 1972, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment and asked the states to ratify it. Forty-three years later, Virginia is still deciding whether to ratify the ERA, which would guarantee women and men equal rights.

13 Feb 2015

Progress (or Lack of) on the ERA in Virginia

A brief history of the Equal Rights Amendment and efforts to ratify it in the Old Dominion

08 Feb 2015

Senate OKs Bill to Regulate Restraint, Seclusion

Restraint and seclusion of students in public schools would be more carefully regulated under a bill that has cleared the Senate and is now before the House of Delegates.

27 Jan 2015

Committee OKs Nondiscrimination Bill

By one vote, the Senate General Laws and Technology Committee has approved a bill that prohibits discrimination in public employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

29 Jan 2014

GOP Aims To Uphold Marriage Ban

By Eric Luther Capital News Service RICHMOND — Virginia’s House of Delegates is poised to vote this week on a bill allowing legislators to defend any law the governor and attorney general decide not to uphold on behalf of the state. House Bill 706, proposed by Delegate C. Todd Gilbert, R- Shenandoah, would permit a […]

24 Jan 2014

Privacy Concerns Table Search, Seizure Bill

By James Galloway Capital News Service RICHMOND — A bill that would give Virginia police power to search private computers without a secondary search warrant was tabled after a committee determined the bill’s language failed to protect Fourth Amendment rights. According to Delegate Mike Webert, R-Marshall, who is chief patron of the bill, the purpose […]

15 May 2013

Ex-Felon’s Voting Rights, and Hopes, Restored

About 12 years ago, Michael Maupin lost his right to vote in Virginia because of a felony drug conviction. But Maupin has hope for the future because he just received a letter from Gov. Bob McDonnell restoring his civil rights.

10 May 2013

Blacks, Hispanics Underrepresented in Gifted Programs

A report and data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that African American and Hispanic students are vastly underrepresented among students identified as gifted by the state’s public schools.

22 Feb 2013

Innocence Would Be Easier to Prove

Wrongly convicted felons could have an easier pathway to proving their innocence thanks to passage of a bill amending Virginia’s “21-day rule.”

19 Feb 2013

Activists Say Bills Make It Harder to Vote

As if waiting in hour-long lines at the polls this past November wasn’t bad enough, legislation before the General Assembly may make it even harder for some citizens to vote.

15 Feb 2013

Lawmakers Fail to Repeal Gay Marriage Ban

By Amber Galaviz Capital News Service RICHMOND – State officials joined gay rights activists at a press conference on Valentine’s Day to express their disappointment in the failure to repeal Virginia’s constitutional ban against same-sex marriage. “I believe that marriage is about loving, committed couples wanting to make lifelong promises to each other – take […]

14 Feb 2013

Equality Activists Gather for Valentine Ritual

Dozens of supporters of same-sex marriage came together Thursday to rally support in Virginia for marriage equality. Gay couples from across the state traveled to Richmond to apply for marriage licenses at the John Marshall Courts Building in what has become a Valentine’s Day tradition.

12 Feb 2013

No Reparations for Victims of Sterilization Program

Delegate Bob Marshall, R-Manassas, hoped to provide reparations for victims of the state’s eugenics program when he filed House Bill 1529 in January.

09 Feb 2013

Bill Would Make Parental Rights ‘Fundamental’

A divided House of Delegates this week passed a bill formally declaring that parents have “a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control” of their children.

06 Feb 2013

Lecture Points to Flaws in Justice System

Because of false information, Marvin Anderson spent 15 years in prison for a rape and other crimes that he did not commit. He recounted his ordeal Tuesday at a Black History Month lecture at VCU.

04 Feb 2013

Conservatives Rally Against Tax Hikes

The country’s leading conservative grassroots organization is voicing its opposition to tax and fee increases before the General Assembly, including Gov. Bob McDonnell’s funding plan for transportation.

21 Jan 2013

A Rally for Those With Mental Disabilities

About 100 people, led by the Coalition for Virginians with Mental Disabilities, rallied at the Bell Tower on Capitol Square on Monday to encourage legislators to improve services for people with mental disabilities.

21 Jan 2013

Voting Reform Bill Killed in Senate

Democratic leaders are speaking out after a Republican-led Senate committee killed a bill that would allow for more convenient voting options, later hours at the polls and easier absentee voting.

16 Jan 2013

Committee Will Consider Restoring Felons’ Rights

A Senate subcommittee tied 3-3 Tuesday on proposed constitutional amendments to restore the voting rights of nonviolent felons who’ve completed their sentences.

18 May 2012

Students Pass on Local Elections

It’s rare for students to vote in large numbers in state and local elections. Some student leaders say the reason isn’t just apathy: They say VCU students are discouraged from voting because they are divided among various election districts – and can’t flex their political muscles by voting as a bloc.

16 May 2012

Advocates Laud Mental Health Settlement

Calling it a “historic opportunity,” mental health advocates are awaiting a judge’s approval of a settlement agreement that would improve the lives of thousands of Virginia’s intellectually disabled citizens.

16 May 2012

Son’s Future Is ‘Constant Worry on Our Minds’

A Mechanicsville family faces uncertainty because of shortcomings in Virginia’s mental health care system. As they age, the parents of 22-year-old Justin Palmore worry what will happen to him – and whether he will be forced into an institution.

15 May 2012

Virginia Makes Amends for Wrongful Imprisonment

Thomas Haynesworth spent 27 years in prison for crimes he didn’t commit. He was exonerated last December, and the General Assembly voted to award him more than a $1 million in relief. Is that sufficient compensation for an innocent man locked up for nearly three decades?

15 May 2012

States’ Compensation Laws Are All Over the Map

Twenty-seven states and Washington D.C., have laws to compensate people who have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated.

03 May 2012

Los Mixtecos de Richmond encuentran una barrera de lengua

En la educación pública, la filosofía de hacer lo mejor para el número mayor de gente reina supremo. El programa de inglés como segunda lengua (ESL). del sistema de las escuelas públicas de Richmond es un ejemplo de esta filosofía.

02 May 2012

A Faith Community on the Margins of Society

Even for an immigrant community, the Richmond Mixtecs face many significant cultural obstacles. In the mostly Hispanic Sacred Heart congregation, Mixtecs are still a minority of sorts, considering many are fluent in neither English nor Spanish. Like many immigrant communities, religion plays a major role in the lives and culture of the Mixtecs.

02 May 2012

Mixtec Artisan Co-op Debuts in Richmond

Is the indigenous Mexican culture of La Mixteca marketable? A group of Mixtec women in the city’s Manchester district, seeking to assert themselves and make money for their families, is banking on it.

02 May 2012

Mixtec Indians Face Language Barrier

In terms of language and culture, the casual observer might not notice much difference between Richmond’s Mixtec community and any other Latin American immigrant group in the city. Neither would the average teacher, school counselor or education specialist. For both the Mixtecs and their allies, however, the distinction is all too evident.

28 Apr 2012

Rally Seeks to Protect Women’s Rights

Virginia politicians and women’s rights advocates gathered in Festival Park on Saturday for a rally called “Unite Against the War on Women.”

14 Apr 2012

Richmond Celebrates Emancipation Day

Richmond today celebrated its third annual Civil War and Emancipation Day to commemorate the end of slavery and Richmond’s role in the “War Between the States.” Here is CNS reporter Sherese Gore’s slideshow about the day’s events.

13 Apr 2012

‘Castle Doctrine’ Proponent Decries Martin Case

Proponents of a “castle doctrine” law for Virginia say it would not condone killings like the death of Trayvon Martin, the teenager gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida.

22 Mar 2012

A Good Session for Open Government Advocates

It was a pretty good session for advocates of open government, according to a meeting this week of the Virginia Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

06 Mar 2012

Protesters Show Up, but Governor Doesn’t

Undeterred by a surprise early vote from Gov. Bob McDonnell, about 30 reproductive rights activists gathered in front of Precinct 607 this morning to protest the governor’s support of anti-abortion legislation. The protest was scheduled to coincide with McDonnell’s vote in Virginia’s Republican presidential primary.

06 Mar 2012

Democratic Lawyer to Help Capitol Protesters

More than half of the protesters arrested during Saturday’s women’s rights rally at the Capitol will receive free legal representation from Wayne Powell; an attorney and Democrat who plans to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor. The first group of about 30 arrested activists were arraigned Monday and charged with trespassing and unlawful assembly.

03 Mar 2012

33 Women’s Rights Protesters Arrested at Capitol

Thirty-three demonstrators were arrested Saturday afternoon at the state Capitol during a protest against legislation they said would violate women’s reproductive rights. At 2:17 p.m., Capitol Police officers declared that the demonstration was unlawful because many of the protesters were on the Capitol steps without a permit.

26 Feb 2012

History Reconstructed: Assembly Honors Black Lawmakers

“Remember, girls, you’re not just anyone; you’re Virginia Teamohs!” At home in New York’s Harlem neighborhood, that’s what Rafia Zafar’s Southern-born grandmother would say to keep her granddaughters in line. Years later, Zafar, a Harvard-educated English professor at Washington University in St. Louis, would come to realize the significance of those words. Zafar’s great-great-grandfather was George Teamoh, who was born a slave in Portsmouth in 1818 and became a state legislator after the Civil War. An accomplished orator and advocate of African-American self-help, Teamoh served in the Virginia Senate from 1869 to 1871. Teamoh was one of about 100 blacks elected to the General Assembly during Reconstruction – until racial discrimination and Jim Crow laws relegated African-Americans to second-class citizenship. Those history-making legislators are finally getting recognition: They’re being honored by the 2012 General Assembly.

23 Feb 2012

Democrats, Republicans Battle Over Voter ID Bills

Democrats hope the U.S. Justice Department will intervene if the Republican-controlled General Assembly passes laws imposing more stringent identification requirements on Virginia voters. Two measures moving through the General Assembly – House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 1 – would prohibit prospective voters from casting official ballots if they can’t show proper identification. Republicans say the bills would help prevent fraud at the polls, but Democrats say the legislation would discourage elderly, minority and low-income people from voting.

18 Feb 2012

Jails Can Shackle Inmates Giving Birth

Local jails and regional prisons in Virginia can continue to shackle female inmates during childbirth – a practice that Delegate Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, says is appalling. Hope sponsored a bill this legislative session to prohibit the shackling of women prisoners while in labor or giving birth. However, the bill is dead for this session after failing to make it out of a subcommittee last week.

01 Feb 2012

Hundreds Protest Stricter Voter ID Laws

Several hundred citizens joined Democratic officials and civil rights leaders at the Capitol on Tuesday to rally against bills they say would suppress the voting rights of minorities, elderly people and low-income Virginians.

17 Jan 2012

Religious Leaders Give New Direction to Occupy Movement

Leaders of the African-American religious communities have joined forces with the Occupy Wall Street movement in order to bring new focus and organization to the national movement protesting economic inequality.

13 May 2011

Slave Names Will Be ‘Unknown No Longer’

This fall, the Virginia Historical Society will launch a free, searchable online database of Virginia slave names called “Unknown No Longer.” It will allow people, especially African-Americans, to trace their ancestry without compromising their privacy or paying fees.

13 May 2011

The Struggle to Commemorate Slavery

The Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality want to give the African Burial Ground in Richmond the respect it deserves. First, that means persuading Virginia Commonwealth University to stop using the site as a parking lot.

10 May 2011

Law Boosts Sign Language, Deaf Culture

American Sign Language courses may grow in popularity and attract more students from different majors under a new state law. It requires Virginia’s public colleges and universities to accept ASL, which is used by deaf people, as a foreign language credit.

10 May 2011

A Teacher’s Hands-On Life Helping Others

Paige Berry is Virginia Commonwealth University’s sign language teacher in the Rehabilitation Counseling Department. She has worked for VCU for 29 years and dedicates her life to communicating with people who are deaf or deaf and blind.

01 May 2011

Transsexual’s Smile Hides Pain-Filled Life

Dawn Storrud was born with a male body, but from around age 3, she says, she felt that deep down, she was female. As a result, Storrud said, she faced discrimination, harassment and even violence as a child and later as a transgender woman. Today, she advocates in Virginia for equal rights regardless of sexual orientation.

14 Apr 2011

Virginia Debates Adoptions by Gay Couples

Religious and social conservatives are squaring off with gay rights advocates over a proposed state-agency rule that would prohibit adoption agencies in Virginia from discriminating against prospective parents on the basis of sexual orientation.