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CNS Stories for April 11-May 7

May 8, 2011

Here are the stories we distributed between April 11 and May 7:

CAPITAL SEMESTER: Students Capitalize on Legislative Experience

CAR TAX: Many Students Unaware of Tax on Cars

EARTH DAY: VCU Gives Earth Day the Green Light

FILM INCENTIVES: Movies Bring Boffo Benefits to Virginia

FINAL FOUR MEMORABILIA: Library Documenting Rams’ Historic Run

GAY ADOPTIONS: Social Services Board Votes Against Gay Adoption

NEW SORORITIES: New Sorority Reflects Interest in Greek Life

REDISTRICTING COSTS: Redistricting Could Cost Virginia $10 Million

ROWDIEST RAM: The Rowdiest Ram and VCU’s No. 1 Fan

SAME-SEX ADOPTIONS: Virginia Debates Adoptions by Gay Couples

SHIELD LAW: Virginia Mulls Shield Law for Journalists

TEACHER BONUSES: Teachers at ‘Hard to Staff’ Schools May Get Bonuses

TRANSSEXUAL PROFILE: Transsexual’s Smile Hides Pain-Filled Life