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CNS Stories for Week 13 (April 4-10)

April 11, 2011

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

CORKAGE FEES: Raise Your Glass, Virginia

VETO SESSION: Legislators Convene to Consider Vetoes

REDISTRICTING: Citizens Decry Gerrymandering in Redistricting

VETERANS LEGISLATION: McDonnell Signs ‘Veteran-Friendly’ Laws

CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: Law Extends Child Abuse Statute of Limitations

ABORTION COVERAGE: Lawmakers Uphold Ban on Abortion Coverage

RECONVENED ROUNDUP: Assembly Continues Funding for PBS

FALCONRY LAWS: Fasten Your Bewits: Falconry Rules Take Off

SIGN LANGUAGE: Law Promoting Sign Language Gets Final OK

SLAVE TRAIL: Richmond Unveils Slave Trail Markers

TIM KAINE AT W&M: Kaine Seeks Young Voters in Senate Race

INTERCULTURAL FESTIVAL: VCU Festival Brings Cultures Together

Photo galleries, available at

2011 Intercultural Festival

Tim Kaine at Young Democrats Convention

Richmond Slave Trail

Falconry in Virginia

Virginia Healthcare Exchange Act

Redistricting Maps