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CNS Stories for Week 11 (March 21-27)

March 28, 2011

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

RADIATION LEVELS: Radiation Levels Not Dangerous, Virginia Officials Say

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Address Confidentiality Program Expands Statewide

WINE TAX: A Toast: No More Double Tax on Wine

LICENSE PLATES: New License Plates Promote Parks, God

SCHOOL CALENDAR: Law Lets More Schools Open Before Labor Day

ARTHUR ARUNDEL: Assembly Commends, Celebrates Journalist’s Life

KILGORE WRAPUP: Delegate Kilgore Deems Session a Success

RED LIGHTS: Law Lets Bikes Run Red Lights

SENATOR WEBB: Sen. Webb Touts Benefits of GI Bill

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Pep Rally for VCU’s Basketball Team

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