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CNS Stories for Week 7 (Feb. 21-27)

February 28, 2011

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

VCU BUDGET [Commonwealth Times only]: State Budget Restores $17 Million for VCU

ABORTION REGULATION: Abortion Regulations Could Close Clinics

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Planned Parenthood’s Supporters Rally at VCU

ABORTION CONFRONTATION: Graphic Protest Highlights Abortion Debate


INFANT DNA: Mothers Will Get Baby’s DNA Sample

PROPERTY RIGHTS: Resolution Strengthens Property Rights

HEART DISEASE: Heart Attack Death Rates Plummet

VETERANS JOBS: Bills Help Veterans Get Health-Care Jobs

WISCONSIN RALLY: Virginians Rally to Support Wisconsin Workers

PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS [ATTN NOVA]: Virginia Legislators Form Progressive Caucus

BLACK HISTORY [ATTN PETERSBURG]: Legislators Honor Black Trailblazers

HENRIETTA LACKS: Legislative Tribute to Unwitting Medical Contributor

FREEDOM RIDERS: Resolution Recognizes Freedom Rides

MCDONNELL BASKETBALL GAME: Lobbyists, Politicians Face Off on Court

DEANGELO HALL: Lawmakers Honor Football Star, Philanthropist

STATE FISH: Kids Hook Assembly Into Honoring Fish

CYBERBULLYING: New Law Targets Cyberbullying

Photo galleries, available at

Progressive Caucus Formed

Virginians Rally for Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood Rally

Abortion Confrontation

Black History Month

Henrietta Lacks

McDonnell’s Capitol Square Basketball Classic

DeAngelo Hall Visits Virginia Senate