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CNS Stories for Week 5 (Feb. 7-13)

February 14, 2011

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

VCU RALLY: VCU Groups Rally Against Discrimination

VOTING RECORDS [ATTN NOVA]: House to Post Delegates’ Voting Records

SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA: Smoked: Synthetic Marijuana Ban Clears House

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Law Aims to Help Abuse Victims

FLU SHOTS: Get Flu Vaccine, Health Officials Urge

FRANKLIN SCHOOL BOARD [ATTN TIDEWATER NEWS]: Bill Seeks Continuity on Franklin School Board

ACCOMACK HOTEL TAX: Bill Would Boost Hotel Tax, Tourism in Accomack

SENATE CANDIDATE [ATTN TAZEWELL, SMYTH, BUCHANAN]: Republican Seeks 38th Senate District Seat

MINE SAFETY [ATTN BUCHANAN, TAZEWELL]: House Passes Coal Mine Safety Act

TRANSPORTATION FUNDING [Attn Scott, Smyth & Washington counties]: Kilgore Aids Passage of Transportation Bill

ONE IMMIGRANT’S STORY: Her Dream: To Help Other Immigrants

LICENSE PLATES: License Plates Would Memorialize Tech Shootings

VETERANS JOBS: Bills Seek Health-Care Jobs for Veterans

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Isabel Castillo

Synthetic Marijuana

Voting Records

Senate candidate Adam Light

Voting Records