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CNS Stories for Week 3 (Jan. 24-30)

January 30, 2011

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

IMMIGRATION: Panel OKs Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants

MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION: Marijuana Decriminalization Advocates Unfazed

DELEGATE MORGAN: Delegate Morgan Still Fired Up

CATHOLIC ADVOCACY: Catholic Conference Lobbies Lawmakers

TELE-TOWN HALL [Attn Scott, Smyth & Washington counties]: Lawmakers Host 3rd ‘Tele-Town Hall’

SEXUAL ORIENTATION [ATTN VCU CT, CATHOLIC HERALD]: Anti-Discrimination Bill Advances in Senate

ANIMAL CRUELTY [ATTN RICHMOND, STAUNTON]: Animal Cruelty Bill Sparks Controversy

HOTEL TAX: Bill Would Let Brunswick County Boost Tourism Tax

BRUNSWICK STEW DAY: Brunswick Stew Day Warms Virginia Legislators

SNOW REMOVAL: Panel Kills Fines For Not Removing Snow

HPV VACCINE: HPV Vaccine Requirement May Be Repealed

RAMS DAY: Rams Climb Hill to Lobby Lawmakers

SENATOR WATKINS: Watkins Pushes ABC Privatization, Roads Plan

INTERNET GAMBLING: Shops May Be Taking a Chance

SIERRA CLUB: Mercury Rising: Environmentalists Want Power Plant Limits

BIPARTISAN ROADS: McDonnell Touts Bipartisan Support For Road Plan

TIDE TRANSIT: Transit Tuesday: When Can We Ride The Tide?

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Immigration subcommittee hearing

Kilgore Tele-Town Hall Meeting

Marijuana Decriminalization

Brunswick Stew

Sierra Club Press Conference

Rams Day on the Hill

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