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CNS Stories for Week 8 (March 1-7)

March 8, 2010

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

EDUCATION CUTS [ATTN ORANGE COUNTY]: Educators, Parents: ‘We’re Not Going to Take It’

MORGAN LUMBER: Governor Touts Lumber Company’s Expansion

ABC TASTINGS: Legislature OKs Tastings in ABC Stores

SEAT BELTS: More Back-Seat Riders Must Wear Seat Belts

HATE GROUP PROTEST: Anti-Hate Rally Draws Crowd of 350

CASTLE DOCTRINE [ATTN TAZEWELL]: Senate Panel Kills ‘Castle Doctrine’ Bill

GLOBAL WARMING: Democrats Blast Cuccinelli Over Global Warming

CLOTHESLINES: Clothesline Bill Left Out to Dry

DENTAL CARE [ATTN NOVA]: Clergy, Lawmakers: Don’t Cut Dental Care

FOSTER CARE: State Seeks Options for Kids in Foster Care

HEALTH REFORM: GOP Officials Rap Democrats’ Health Plans

SUFFOLK PAGE: Suffolk Teen Helps Out, Gives Back at Capitol

TOBACCO TAX: Bill Takes Aim at Cigarette Smugglers

ABBOTT PROFILE [ATTN: WY DAILY]: Delegate Fulfilling a Promise to ‘Give Back’

PRINCE WM LEGISLATORS: About Half of Legislators’ Bills Still Alive

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Cuccinelli Says Colleges Can’t Protect Gays

REDISTRICTING: Panel Rejects Bipartisan Redistricting Bill

CHILD PORNOGRAPHY [ATTN: BEDFORD]: ‘CHiPs’ Star Helps Fight Child Pornography

For VCU’s Commonwealth Times only:

VCU GOVERNMENT: On the radar: Gov’t Relations watches for blips at General Assembly

For some of the above stories, we have posted photos at The photo galleries are titled:

Erik Estrada

Suffolk Page

Global Warming Press Conference

Westboro Baptist Church Picketing and counter-protests

Delegate Robin Abbott

Dental care (VOICE) press conference

We also have posted the latest CNS Radio programs []:

Date: 3/7/2010 Length: 1:53. In this broadcast: Sexual Discrimination, Education Rally, Global Warming, Redistricting Reform

CNS_3_7_2010a. Date: 3/3/2010 Length: 3:55. En este noticiero: Baches, Las Artes, El Presupuesto, Medicaid, Marshall y CNS