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CNS Stories for Week 7 (Feb. 22-28)

March 1, 2010

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

MARSHALL FOLLOW-UP: Marshall Demands Apology for ‘Slanderous’ Story

POGGE RESPONSE [ATTN: W’BURG]: Delegate Pogge Disavows Marshall’s Remarks

STATE BUDGET: House and Senate Negotiate Over Budget

MEDICAID CUTS: Doctors Warn Against Medicaid Cuts

MEDICAID CUTS [WRITE-THRU]: Doctors Warn Against Medicaid Cuts

ARTS FUNDING: Arts Advocates Fight for Funding

FLAG DISPLAY: Law Gives Homeowners Flag Display Rights

BIGAMY [ATTN CAROLINE]: Bigamy Bill Fails in Senate Committee

CONCUSSIONS [ATTN: EASTERN SHORE]: Concerns Voiced About Student-Athletes’ Concussions

NAVY LANDING FIELD: Legislation to Block OLF Is Grounded

JUVENILE JUSTICE: Panel Rejects Juvenile Prosecution Bill:

POTHOLE BLITZ: ‘Pothole Blitz’ Seeks to Repair Virginia’s Roads

SIT-IN ANNIVERARY: ‘Richmond 34’ Remembered, Honored and Celebrated

Military Children: Bill to Help Military Children Goes to Governor


AEP RATE UPDATE: McDonnell Signs Bills to Cut AEP’s Rates

AEP RATE UPDATE2 [WRITE-THRU]: McDonnell Signs Bills to Cut AEP’s Rates

LOUDOUN SCHOOL BOARD: Bill Allows Staggered School Board Terms

WELLNESS PROGRAMS [ATTN RICHBIZSENSE]: Assembly OKs Incentives for Wellness Programs

LABOR DAY UPDATE: Bill May Ease Starting School Before Labor Day

For VCU’s Commonwealth Times only:

Richmond 34 anniversary brings alumna back to roots

For some of the above stories, we have posted photos at The photo galleries are titled:

Public Education Rally


Pogge Press Release

Virginia Commission for the Arts Advocacy Day

Sit-In Anniversary

OLF map

Medicaid Cuts

We also have posted the latest CNS Radio programs [ ]:

Date: 2/28/2010 Length: 2:27. CNS_2_28_2010a. In this broadcast: Pothole Blitz, Arts Commission, Medicaid Cuts, State Budget, Marshall Followup

Date: 2/24/2010 Length: 3:10. CNS Español Download File (2_24_2010). En este noticiero: Bob Marshall, EPA, Derechos de revólveres,  El matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, La propuesta de ley del gatillo.