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Timeline & follow-up stories on Marshall’s comments

February 28, 2010

Here is a timeline on the controversy surrounding Delegate Bob Marshall’s comments about abortions and disabled children, with links to follow-up stories.

Thursday, Feb. 18: Marshall makes the remarks at a press conference at the Virginia Capitol.

Friday, Feb. 19: Capital News Services publishes online a story about the Marshall’s comments, including an audio file of his remarks.

Saturday, Feb. 20: CNS distributes the audio file via Twitter.

Sunday, Feb. 21: The story is published on the Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily‘s Web site.

Monday, Feb. 22: The story is published by the Gainesville Times,, the Staunton News Leader and other CNS subscribers.

Feb. 26: CNS releases a follow-up story, “Delegate Pogge Disavows Marshall’s Remarks.” It is published by the Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily.