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CNS Stories for Week 6 (Feb. 15-21)

February 21, 2010

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week:

GOD’S PUNISHMENT: Legislator: Disabled Kids Are God’s Punishment

LABOR DAY [ATTN W’BURG, MARTINSVILLE]: Schools Might Start Before Labor Day

HEALTH CARE FREEDOM: Assembly Opposes Health Insurance Mandate

SNOWSTORM COMMENDATIONS: McDonnell Lauds Virginians’ Response to Snowstorms

PRO-CHOICE PLATES: Will License Plate Benefit Planned Parenthood?

WOMEN’S ROUNDTABLE: Women’s Roundtable Going on 30 Years

GREEN BUILDINGS: Senate Approves Green Buildings Act

SIT-IN COMMEMORATION: Events Commemorate Sit-in by ‘Richmond 34’

Cuccinelli EPA: Cuccinelli Challenges Finding on Global Warming

SEAT BELT UPDATE: Seat Belt Law Not ‘Clicking’ With House

GUN RIGHTS: Law Would Protect Employees’ Gun Rights

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Bill to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage Ban Dies

FISHING FAIRNESS [ATTN EASTERN SHORE]: Assembly Passes Fishing Rights Bill

PREGNANCY CENTERS: Bill to Ensure Accurate Pregnancy Information Dies

SWVA ELECTRIC RATES: Bill Targets Appalachian Power Co.’s Rates

AEP RATES: Scott County Residents Struggle With Electric Bills

HEALTH CARE RALLY: 100 Rally for Health Care at Capitol:

MEDICAID CUTS: Hospitals Say Medicaid Cuts Hurt Economy

CHAPLAIN PRAYERS: Chaplain Prayer Bill Dies at Crossover

PARKING VIOLATIONS: Prince William Empowered to Tow Vehicles

DISABILITIES RALLY: Fund Community Services, Arc of Virginia Urges

TAZEWELL CROSSOVER UPDATE: Half of Tazewell Legislators’ Bills Survive

TRIGGERMAN UPDATE: Democrats Defeat Bill to Expand Death Penalty

TOURISM CAUCUS: Legislators Hope to Boost Tourism

For VCU’s Commonwealth Times only:

Capitol Rams: Students confront politicians on state support

For some of the above stories, we have posted photos at The photo galleries are titled:

Arc of Virginia rally

Triggerman rule

Women’s Legislative Roundtable

Rams Day on the Hill