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Marking the End of Civil War, and Slavery

The sesquicentennial commemoration of the American Civil War is winding down with events in Richmond and across the state. Virginians are reflecting on the end of the war 150 years ago and how it shaped the state’s history and culture even to this day.

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Battered Wife Must Pay Abuser Alimony

A Richmond woman’s harrowing story prompted a state legislator to propose a bill that would prohibit courts from awarding alimony to a spouse who has been convicted of domestic violence. The bill failed.

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Virginia Still Deciding If Women Are Equal

In 1972, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment and asked the states to ratify it. Forty-three years later, Virginia is still deciding whether to ratify the ERA, which would guarantee women and men equal rights.

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Drug Can Reverse Heroin Overdoses

As opiate overdose deaths rise in Virginia, the General Assembly is moving to approve legislation intended to curb the epidemic.

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20 Apr 2015

Putting the brakes on Virginia speed traps

By Sean CW Korsgaard RICHMOND, Va. — The highway through Hopewell may not be paved in gold, but that has not stopped the city from making a mint off it. Taking advantage of a two-mile stretch of Interstate 295 that passes through the city, the Hopewell Sheriff’s Department issues about 1,000 speeding tickets a month, […]

20 Apr 2015

House Passes Bills Targeting Sexual Assault

Bills to aid victims of sexual assault and to protect students on college campuses have passed the Virginia House of Delegates.

20 Apr 2015

Gov. McAuliffe Vetoes 6 Redistricting Bills

Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Thursday vetoed six redistricting bills, saying they would weaken citizens’ trust in government.

20 Apr 2015

‘Liberty or death’ lives on, 240 years later

By Sean CW Korsgaard It was the birthing cry of a nation, and 240 years later, Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech still resonates. In fact, if you know where to look in Richmond, you can still hear it. A re-enactment was held at St. John’s Church on Saturday to mark […]

19 Apr 2015

VCU hosts group from ‘other’ Georgia

By Sean CW Korsgaard RICHMOND – When visitors to Richmond say they’re from Georgia, Atlanta and peaches probably come to mind. But for a group of dignitaries who recently visited Virginia’s capital, Georgia conjures up Tblisi and wine. They hailed from the country of Georgia, which is nestled between Europe and Asia and used to […]

19 Apr 2015

Richmond city officials want state to stop meddling

By Cort Olsen State law may trump local ordinances, but that does not mean Richmond City Council is going to lie down when Virginia legislators try to unilaterally impose policies on the city. That was especially the case in connection with two bills that the General Assembly considered during its recent session. One would have […]

19 Apr 2015

New Law Takes Aim at Puppy Mills

By Cort Olsen Capital News Service RICHMOND – In a crackdown on puppy mills, it will soon be illegal to sell dogs and cats on the side of the road in Virginia. That’s the effect of legislation that Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed into law on Friday. Senate Bill 1001, which will take effect July 1, […]

19 Apr 2015

Teachers Resist Parental Access to Testing Data

By Cort Olsen Capital News Service   RICHMOND – A Loudoun County parent, Brian Davison, recently sued state officials over whether student testing data used in teacher evaluations should be released to parents. The data show how much each teacher’s students improve from one year to the next on Virginia’s Standard of Learning tests, commonly […]

18 Apr 2015

Virginia Bans Powdered Alcohol

By Kelsey Callahan Capital News Service   RICHMOND – Cocaine isn’t the only white powder on drug authorities’ radar these days. They’re also targeting Palcohol – powdered alcohol that can turn a glass of water into a mojito. The General Assembly this week gave final approval to legislation that would outlaw the possession, sale, purchase […]

17 Apr 2015

Virginia Closes Legal Gap on Human Trafficking

Twenty-five years after the hit movie “Pretty Woman,” Virginia is getting more serious about an issue that the film treats humorously – sex trafficking.

16 Apr 2015

Assembly rejects McAuliffe’s drone recommendations

The General Assembly has rejected Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s recommendation to give police a freer rein in using unmanned aircraft.

16 Apr 2015

‘It’s All About Energy,’ Governor Tells Symposium

Gov. Terry McAuliffe launched the 2015 Energy & Sustainability Conference Tuesday with a briefing on Virginia’s energy plan.

15 Apr 2015

Pipeline Protesters Disrupt Governor’s Talk

A trio of environmental activists who oppose the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline in western Virginia confronted Gov. Terry McAuliffe during his appearance Wednesday at a public forum on climate change.

13 Apr 2015

Balloons’ Dangers to Wildlife Not Inflated

By Janeal Downs Capital News Service Whether for a birthday party for rambunctious children or a solemn ceremony to remember someone who has died, balloons often play a part in special occasions. However, hours after that heart-shaped Valentine’s Day balloon is released in the air, it could end up at the beach, in the ocean […]

13 Apr 2015

Assembly Extends Coal Tax Credit

By Janeal Downs Capital News Service To the delight of lawmakers from Southwest Virginia, the General Assembly has passed legislation to extend a tax credit that encourages electric companies to use coal mined in the state. The House of Delegates voted 66-31 Wednesday in favor of extending the Virginia Coal Employment and Production Incentive Tax […]

13 Apr 2015

Batting Averages Vary Among Virginia Legislators

By Janeal Downs Capital News Service As baseball season gets underway, here’s a question worth pondering: Who were the heavy hitters in the 2015 General Assembly?

05 Apr 2015

Relatives of 43 Missing Mexican Students Rally in Richmond

Relatives of 43 Missing Mexican Students Rally in Richmond By Janeal Downs, Stefani Zenteno Rivadineira and Craig Zirpolo Capital News Service RICHMOND – Christian Alfonso Rodriguez Telumbre loved teaching folk dances and wanted to be an agronomist. A student at a rural teachers college in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, Telumbre planned work with underserved communities after he graduated. […]

03 Apr 2015

Civil War timeline in Virginia

A look at war-related events in Virginia

02 Apr 2015

Gov. McAuliffe’s Amendments Expand Law Enforcement Access to Drones

Gov. McAuliffe’s Amendments Expand Law Enforcement Access to Drones By Craig Zirpolo Capital News Service RICHMOND – Law enforcement officials could use drones more freely if the General Assembly approves legislative amendments proposed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe surprised privacy advocates by amending language to facilitate law enforcement access to unmanned aircraft in SB 1301, […]

01 Apr 2015

Governor Criticized for Allowing More Surveillance

A Democratic senator, a prominent Republican and civil libertarians are blasting Gov. Terry McAuliffe for amending a bill that would protect Virginia citizens from high-tech government surveillance.

27 Mar 2015

Gov. McAuliffe Signs 733 Bills, Vetoes 17

With two days left to act on legislation passed by this year’s General Assembly, Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Friday that he has signed 733 bills, vetoed 17 and amended 50 others, including tightening ethics reforms.

26 Mar 2015

Republicans Praise McAuliffe for Signing Budget

Republican legislators applauded Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s decision Thursday to sign the 2014-2016 state budget without amendments or vetoes. It was the first time since 1998 that a governor has approved a budget in toto.

26 Mar 2015

Richmond Growing Faster Than Suburbs

The city of Richmond is growing in population faster than its suburban neighbors, according to data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

25 Mar 2015

Governor Orders Training for ABC Agents

Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed an executive order Wednesday meant to improve the law enforcement arm of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

24 Mar 2015

2015 Legislative Session a Mixed Bag for Immigrants

About 20 state legislators and representatives of advocacy groups have formed the New Americans Caucus to address the needs of undocumented residents and other immigrants.

24 Mar 2015

Governor Creates Center for Mental Health Services

By Margo Maier Capital News Service RICHMOND – Gov. Terry McAuliffe has signed an executive directive to create a center that will foster collaboration among government agencies in providing behavioral health and justice services for people with mental illnesses or other problems. McAuliffe announced the establishment of the Center for Behavioral Health and Justice during […]

19 Mar 2015

VCU Protesters Show Support for Beaten U.Va. Studen

  VCU Protesters Show Support for Beaten U.Va. Studen By Craig Zirpolo Capital News Service RICHMOND – Virginia Commonwealth University students marched and staged a die-in Wednesday in solidarity with Martese Johnson, a black University of Virginia student who was injured when Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents arrested him outside a pub in Charlottesville. Johnson, a […]

10 Mar 2015

Virginia Keeps Boating Safety Law Intact

Boating safety advocates are relieved that the General Assembly defeated a proposal to exempt older Virginians from taking a state-mandated course before operating a motorboat.

28 Feb 2015

General Assembly Finalizes Ethics Bill

The results are in. All of the General Assembly’s work on ethics reform in the 2015 session came to an end Friday with the passage of a 98-page bill that lawmakers hailed as a significant accomplish, but some critics said it still needs work.

26 Feb 2015

2 Moms Fought for the Right to Breast-Feed in Public in Virginia

By Meghan Gaffney Capital News Service RICHMOND, Virginia – Last summer, Kate Noon, a mother of two in Richmond, read a news article about Virginia’s dubious distinction as a state where women don’t have the right to breast­feed their children in public. It made her angry, and so she called her state delegate, Jennifer McClellan. […]

26 Feb 2015

Teen Inspires Food Allergy Awareness Law

By Noura Bayoumi Capital News Service RICHMOND – Food allergies are an unappetizing part of life for 14-year-old Claire Troy and her family. Eating out is a “hassle,” because the Troys never know whether a restaurant will be sensitive to the needs of customers who might be allergic to what is on the menu. In […]

26 Feb 2015

Gov. McAuliffe Signs Medical Marijuana Bills

Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed into law Thursday legislation to decriminalize two medical marijuana derivatives for the treatment of intractable epilepsy.

24 Feb 2015

Rep. Scott: Let Independent Panel Draw Districts

U.S. Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, a Democrat representing Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District, says the General Assembly should take some of the politics out of redistricting by having an independent commission redraw political boundaries.

24 Feb 2015

Assembly OKs a 2-Song Solution

The House of Delegates joined the Senate on Tuesday in approving both “Our Great Virginia” and “Sweet Virginia Breeze” as official state songs. But will Gov. Terry McAuliffe sign the legislation into law?

21 Feb 2015

From Designer Clothes to Orange Robes

A remorseful Maureen McDonnell stood Friday in a federal courtroom where she had been convicted of taking bribes and asked a judge for leniency. He responded by sentencing the former first lady to 12 months and one day in prison.

20 Feb 2015

A Portrait of Maureen McDonnell

Maureen McDonnell has been painted in two different lights: as a selfless, hardworking, dedicated mother, wife and community leader, and as a hostile and greedy woman responsible for ruining the career of her husband, former Gov. Bob McDonnell, and sending him to jail.

20 Feb 2015

Maureen McDonnell, In Her Own Words

In her first public statement on the corruption scandal, Maureen McDonnell testified Friday that she was responsible for her family’s political fall from grace.

20 Feb 2015

Key Documents in Maureen McDonnell Sentencing

Here are some important documents that were filed in U.S. District Court in preparation for today’s sentencing.

20 Feb 2015

House OKs transporting loaded shotguns

by Ashley Jordan, Capital News Service RICHMOND – Virginians who have a concealed handgun permit could legally transport loaded shotguns in vehicles under a bill that passed the House of Delegates on a split vote this week. Delegates voted 62-34 Wednesday in favor of Senate Bill 1137, which would exempt concealed carry permit holders from […]

17 Feb 2015

Senate Passes ‘Tebow Bill’ for Home-schoolers

The Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would allow home-schooled students to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, debate and band at their local public school.

16 Feb 2015

Bill Would Help Taxpayers, Habitat for Humanity

By Morgan White Capital News Service RICHMOND – Delinquent property owners could settle their tax bills by donating their property to Habitat for Humanity or a similar nonprofit, under legislation moving through the General Assembly.

15 Feb 2015

FAA Proposes Rules on Commercial Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration on Sunday proposed rules governing commercial drone use that would open the airspace to thousands of operators nationwide.

13 Feb 2015

Progress (or Lack of) on the ERA in Virginia

A brief history of the Equal Rights Amendment and efforts to ratify it in the Old Dominion

13 Feb 2015

Dominion Bill Wins Final Passage

By Matt Leonard Capital News Service RICHMOND – The House gave final approval Thursday to a bill that freezes Dominion Virginia Power’s base rate for five years but prevents the state from forcing the company to reimburse customers if the utility earns excessive profits. Senate Bill 1349 passed the House on a vote of 72-24 […]

13 Feb 2015

Bill Seeks to Tamp Down Cigarette Trafficking

By Victoria Zawitkowski Capital News Service RICHMOND – Sen. Bryce E. Reeves, R-Spotsylvania, urged the General Assembly on Friday to pass a bill that would crack down on cigarette trafficking and, by extension, the funding of terrorist groups. “I’m making a plea to the citizens of the commonwealth, to ask for your support to combat […]

10 Feb 2015

House Passes Ethics Bill

By Benjamin May Capital News Service   RICHMOND – The House of Delegates on Tuesday passed a bill that would limit gifts accepted by Virginia politicians to $100. Delegates voted 93-6 for the measure, which was sponsored by Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah. HB 2070 is the House’s answer to problems concerning ethics rules for public […]

09 Feb 2015

House Considers Expanding Halifax Board Of Supervisors

By Ashley Jordan Capital News Service RICHMOND – The House of Delegates is considering a bill to add a ninth member to the Halifax County Board of Supervisors so that votes don’t deadlock in a tie. The House Counties, Cities and Towns Committee voted 20-2 Friday in favor of HB 2319, sponsored by Del. James […]

08 Feb 2015

Senate OKs bill to regulate restraint, seclusion

By Meghan Gaffney, Capital News Service Restraint and seclusion of students in public schools would be more carefully regulated under a bill that has cleared the Senate and is now before the House of Delegates. Senate Bill 782, proposed by Sen. Barbara Favola, D­Arlington, passed the Senate, 35­4, last week. It calls for the Virginia Board of Education […]

08 Feb 2015

Senate Pops Proposal to Ban Balloon Releases

The Senate has rejected a bill to ban the intentional release of balloons into the atmosphere, which environmentalists say kill turtles, sea birds and other marine animals.

07 Feb 2015

Committee Sends Ethics Bill to Senate

By Benjamin May Capital News Service   RICHMOND – The Senate Rules Committee is advancing legislation that tightens the code of ethics for politicians by prohibiting them from receiving gifts worth more than $100. The full Senate now has until Tuesday to pass the bill, which refines the ethics law adopted last year by the […]

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